Need Some Direction For Prosperity/Abundance

I have read The Secret, saw the movie and have read similar books as well. I am presently seeking prosperity/abundance. This last year has been very hard for me but I have pretty much weathered the storm. I have been doing what was suggested in the book and I generally do try to keep a positve outlook. Some days are difficult and people around me do not make it easier talking about lack instead of abundance. I try to stay separated from it as much as possible. I want my well-being and abundance. I would be lying if I said, I wish it would be soon. It would be wonderful to come home to getting checks and be able to start over again instead of getting bills and suffering lack. I know what I want in my life now, it is just a matter of getting it. I am presently trying to get some abundance, so I can move and make the changes to make life better. Any positive input would be appreciated. The obstacles can be overwhelming some days. I am a very nice person and generally have an overall positive outlook, but I admit, this year has been very hard. I look forward to things being wonderful and look forward to a new adventure and a better one.

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