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  • Dear Marci,

    I am looking to inspire everyone with my messages and thoughts from the heart.
    It is my desire to help woman who have been in bad relationships to feel better about themselves.
    A bit more than two weeks ago I created a free webpage to manifest this endeavor into the physical.
    Please feel free to visit http://iamsoworthit.weebly.com/
    There is still much to do ;-)

    Most of all the last year of my life was a crazy roller coaster ride, as you can read on the 'about me' page on my site, and learn through a poem that I have posted as well.

    I have watched the Secret Movie first in 2006. I have read the book and I have since then evolved with the practices, which have shown up through-out last year in my life. When I thought all was lost, something or someone showed up out of nowhere to help. I know that there are Angels of Loving Vibrations all around me.
    So, this time around I don't understand why I feel a bit disconnected and why I have problems to manage to believe that my daughter and I are financially safe despite of the fact that we had zero income over the past couple of months.
    Rent is due today, and I am broke to the bone with about $20 in my pocket and food stamps. No money in sight.

    I must stop feeling that I have run out of requests. So, why can't I? ... after all I know and have practiced. What is blocking me?

    Please for some advise.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    Much love,
  • Thanks for being attracted..you know who you are! :-}
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