What is on your Vision Board?

I have a lot of stuff. I have my list for 2008. It is my top four. Getting myself into school, starting my new career at my corporate head quarters, learning to swim and getting a huge profit from my home business. Also My condo I will purchase in 2009, my loving relationship with my perfect partner and baby, which can come anytime.What's on yours?

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  • right now :) its a Laptop and Moving
  • How many vision boards do you all have? Ok, I know some or probably most people have one vision board with everything on it. Others have multiple vision boards for each area, for eg) One for body, another for health, another for home/furniture/cars, another for everything else.

    At the moment I just have 1 vision board but with lots of pictures and captions on it, pictures of my "ideal body", yoga pics, places I want to visit, pics of kids, a globe, pics of lots of money, clothes, also plenty of captions like: love, family, friends, baby, magic, power, giving, peace, I can, healthier, happy, embrace life, exotic, our dream homes, beautiful beach, Tuscan countryside, globe trotters, me & the hubby, Now I'm living my life to the fullest,body & soul, success, paradise, heaven, I think I can I think I can.

    Brittany, I just cut out pics from all kinds of magazines.

    Would love to hear more suggestions from people??
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  • I think that's a great idea!
  • So I'm wondering did you cut out pictures from magazines? What is it you do?

    On my vision board I have a picture of me in the center, and to the left of it are the words I am so happy and grateful now that I have... I also have another set of words that say Dream Big near my picture. To the right I have a picture of a truck I admire, and in the top corner is says Oregon I've also found the words Dream Believe Achieve in a magazine, so I cut it out and put it on there. Under me I've got a picture of a baby, I would love to start a family. Back to the left near the baby picture is the word Beautiful that I cut out from a magazine. I also had a check blown up and put a certain amount of money in it. I've got my favorite saying up there too. Oh and I I've got a house up there, that I would enjoy something similar to.

    What else can I do with my vision board? I like Marie's idea, I'll try that. I really need to start focusing on the secret...
  • Getting married
    Having another Child
    Buying my 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath Condo
    staying fit and healthy
    The kitchen for my 2nd house
    The plans for my 3rd house
    my Secret check
    this is just to name a few of the things on my vision board.
  • Well just to say i have nearly finished my board, & its thanks to the help of looking at some of yours lol
    Blessing Tersa
  • Hello everyone, I have been reading & looking at all your vision boards & I love them. It as made me want to change the way I have done mine.
    I want to ask you all, even throughs back in 2008, how many of your vision have come to light.
    I have not been looking at mine everyday & now I need to start to do this.
    Thank you all for sharing, you really have made me take notice.
    Blessing Teresa
  • I'm loving the idea of having a seperate vision board for your business life. Maybe I'll make a powerpoint vision board for business and have the old-fashioned one for my personal life!
  • Thank you for the reminder to take care of my vision board. I'd sort of let it slide recently, been busy with the new clients I'd manifested and not really paying attention to the board. Worse, I'd started using it as a *gasp* bulletin board when in a hurry. Your post has me taking a minute to look at the board and what do I see? Bills that will need to paid soon, medical notices, reminders to make phone calls, etc. No wonder expenses have been increasing...I've covered a third of the board with reminders to pay/register/purchase things!

    I know what this morning's project will be. :)
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