As I Affirm Positively, My Vision Improves

And no, I'm not talking about affirming clear vision. I'm talking about affirming positive things like, "All is well", etc. This doesn't surprise me as I know that physical vision is a reflection of one's spiritual vision, as long as your eyes aren't damaged. This signals to me that affirming positively is the correct spiritual outlook.

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  • Wonderful! I have had my vision improve as well!

    I had a "lazy eye" with a strong astigmatism (sp?). Now I can keep my eye still and focused with very little effort! This is a huge improvement for me. I have tried focusing on healing my eye before and on affirming that my eye is healty and whole. I didn't seem to get the results I wanted. I have recently been telling myself over and over (hundreds of times a day!) I love and approve of myself. I am safe. All is well! My vision has changed dramatically!

    There have been countless experiences that leave me amazed and dazzled, and the improved vision is just an added bonus!

    Have the best day ever! Laurie
    • Fantastic 

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