Is it magic?!

Hi all you wonderful peopleI'd like to pic your mindsAfter hearing about the Secret and the LOA in January I started to think about all the things that could be done with this Law of Attration... I started to think about teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis(sp?), levitation etc. and I got confused and more confused... Everything I read on the topic made it clear to me that it was impossible to perform any of these things. After all, "magic" is only fiction and fantasy right? But then I started to think about the Secret and the LOA again and I thought to myself - Life is magical and nothing NOTHING NOTHING is impossible ("Nothing is impossible with God" etc.) And then I thought... Why can't anyone do any of the above mentioned things? Why does nobody have these abilities? Could it be another example of : "Behind the ordinary lies the EXTRAORDINARY?" Then I started to wonder what the purpose of life and the universe is etc... etc...Is there anyone on this forum who has these kind of question and sometimes wonder if these things are possible? And if they are possible, could anyone help me to set my mind towards them and to actually make them a reality? Could anyone please help me understand the LOA and the laws of the universe, regarding the above mentioned, a bit better?Love to you all!Bernard(We are none of us alone)

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  • Dear Bernard,

    To my point of view Magic does not exist. We call magic what can't be explain by science at a certain moment.

    500 years ago, it was magic to imagine that 200 pesons are flying in the air from a place to another faster that a bird. Now this is called an airplane.

    100 years ago it was magic to fly to the moon now it is called a challenger.

    It was magic to talk to someone in another place : indian called it fumes signal, after that morse transmission, after that phone, after that a microphone set and a web cam on the net

    The brain process is electrical. The nervous system is a network of electrical wires (the nerves) isolated with myelin. In Seattle, researchers are testing implants that detect electrical brain signals and transmit to an outside device. The technologies hold hope for paralytics and amputees, to allow communication or movement. This magic is on it's way. Maybe in 100 years, usual odject will be activated by detectors obeying to the electrical impulsion of someone's brain.

    If magic does exist, this is called science.

    50 years ago it was impossible to stock 1000 songs into something not bigger than a dice. Today this magic exist : an Ipod.

    What people call magic when science and technology has not reach a certain level become everyday life.

    Study in brain physiology at university, join the crew of searchers in Seatle and keep on believing you can move objects with your brain. You will probably invent the solution.

    As thinking is also an electrical process, study the brain physiology and find a way to send those electical process to an emitter wich will tansfer some informations to a receptor retransmitting this information to another brain. For now this is called magic o telepathy.

    150 years ago it was impossible to see inside the body, now this is called X-ray, magnetic resonnance scanner, ultrasounds, scintillogram, ultrasound, and other scanners.

    All those technological improvements began because some magicians believed that you can talk to someone in China without being there, you can fly on the air faster than any bird, travel on the sea without drowning, see inside the body, cut someone chest and repairing a heart without pain and killing someone, make a mountain side explode to create a road, make electricity with water, crystals (pyesoelectricity), see someone on the other side of the planet in real time with a web cam, etc.

    Continue to believe in your dreams
    but work hard to make it come true. A man named Einstein said you can go back in time using quantic physic and he proved it for a very slight fraction of a second.

    Nothing is really impossible if you believe in your possibilities and you work very had to reach your goals.

    Terry Josephson once said : “Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities”

    Please don't believe in magic (psychotic patients are believing it all their lives without any results) believe into yourself and your capability to invent new solutions.

    • "Continue to believe in your dreams
      but work hard to make it come true. A man named Einstein said you can go back in time using quantic physic and he proved it for a very slight fraction of a second."

      Thats interesting that Einstein was interesting in quantic physic. Because i watched movie What the bleep do we know and in that movie they said that Einstein said if quantic physic exist there is no science. (or something like that)
  • Cool video.
  • Well you most certainly can communicate with telepathy, levitate when you are out of body - it is possible in the astral plane. Telepathy is also possible in real life if you practice it with like minds - ever try psychic experiments? Over time, especially when you are in tune with someone, telepathy is possible.
  • Bernard,

    I love your post. Before I ever knew of LOA or anything relating to it, I believed that all of that was possible, and more. I almost felt like I never grew up out of make believe because my sureness of it being possible was always so strong.

    As to your original question, is it magic? Why not? Magic happens everyday to all of us. Its if we are willing to recognize it that is the point. Magic is perception, or so I believe.

    I think that there are folks out there who probably have these abilities and more but keep them secret for reasons of safety and privacy. Global enhancement is a long ways away for these types of abilities. Would you share with the world if you could do any of those things? I dont know if I would, maybe quietly to folks with like minds.

    I dont know why, but when I first read your post I thought of a book by Robert Heinlein called Number of the Beast. Not the prettiest sounding title, but the premise is fab. A scientist solves a mathmatical problem that allows not just space travel, but universe travel. As in leaping to other universes beside our own, some far fetched some just steps away from our own. The twist was that they found universes that were "fictional" to us, or them as it were. They found the Land of Oz, for instance, and it was real. I always liked that book for the fact that it fit my view of "anything is possible". Other universes? Sure why not? There were empty ones out there waiting to be filled up too - the number was infinite.

    So, I guess my point in telling you that is that its up to you to make the connections. I think that book is a great illustration of anything is possible. Find a way using your strengths and possibilities. Someone else may come up with it too but get there in a different way. Use what you have to get where you want. Pick a "power" you want to work on, like others said, start small and figure out how to do it. Then share!!!! hehehe

    Best of luck to you, but you dont need that, you have faith! Keep us updated!

    Aud is parked
    • Dear Aud

      Thank you very much for those inspiring words! I will take you advice and, who knows, one day the world will be ready to accept abilities like flying, mind reading etc. and we will all be able to be HEB's (Highly Evolved Beings.)

      Love and Light

    • Like Silly Aud says let us know how it is going, I will be curious how quickly this pans out for you. It truly sounds like you are interested in these kinda gifts . I also believe there are others with such gifts. Just think about ufo's and how they denie it . HEB's I like it . I know you can do these things if u want to.
  • Life is Magical and everything is possible. It makes me imagine what sort of magic I want in my life.
    It feels lie relief to see Life as Magical.

    I have have experienced the teachings of Bashar who is channeled from another civilization as mind opening and showing us the impossible as possible. He says to follow your excitement and notice synchronicity, everything is synchronicity, everything you see and experience in your world.

    He tells us of telempathy and telepathy of his society which is to link to another's thought forms/electronmagnetic field and share similar thought forms like reading one another's minds. Telempathy relates to empathy, or seeing closely with one another, so your perspectives are one on this particular thing.

    Even if the ET thing is too far out for you, Bashar has so sound and inspiring advice on LOA stuff. You can see YouTube vides, read his site at Just sharing something that resonated when I read your post and that excites me.
  • Metaphysics have been and always will be part of our culture. THink superman and xmen and comic book. What I am thinking is that at some distand past, we had these skills, lost them somehow and now with the Law of attraction coming to the fore, its as if all old knowldege begins again. Faith is and always will be something of a mystery to all of us. Yet we practice it.
    i can read minds, i can see the future. i can fly.
    Why cant you?
    chris. << something to keep your mind on when you dont have anything else to do.
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  • Thank you very much!
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