Dear Friends,I am very excited to be featured in the inspiring new book, Living The Law of Attraction. This book, co-authored by Rich German and Robin Hoch, with a forward by Bob Doyle, is a compilation of real-life stories from people who successfully applied the Law of Attraction into their lives.To celebrate the release of this book, I want to invite you to attend a Virtual Book Release Party which will be held via tele-conference call on Thursday, July 24th at 5pm PST (8pm EST).On this FREE live call, you will learn from:- co-author Rich German who will share practical tools and insights on living an amazing life- Bob Doyle from The Secret who wrote the foreword to the book- Marie Diamond, Feng Shui expert (also featured in The Secret)- some of the actual contributors from the book who will discuss their inspiring stories including me!The call will be very fun, educational and inspirational! To register for this free call, please go to a bonus for registering for the call, you get a free mp3 interview between Rich German and Bob Doyle plus a free sample of the book!I hope you will all be there on this fun and exciting call, I would love to feel your love and support!Thank you!

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  • I know it's too late to register for the call, but is it still possible to get a copy of the e-book?
  • Hi Beautiful People!

    I just wanted to remind you about this free call with Bob Doyle, Marie Diamond and more tomorrow night. By signing up, you get a free MP3 interview with Bob Doyle and Rich German and an e-version of the book, LIVING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Sign up at the link above!


    Living the Law of Attraction
    Real Stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth, and Happiness

    Foreword by Bob Doyle, from The Secret

    You've seen The Secret. You've heard about it on Oprah. Maybe you've even read books on the Law of Attraction. But as they say, "The proof is in the pudding!" In this book, you’ll read real-life accounts of success stories from people who are truly Living the Law of Attraction. How do people put the principles of the Law of Attraction to work for themselves? How do ordinary people manifest extraordinary things in their lives? You will notice that those who have applied this law into their everyday lives are experiencing what used to be considered miracles. What was once miraculous is now commonplace ... everyday miracles.

    You'll read amazing stories of healing ... how people recovered from life-threatening illnesses and near-death experiences. You’ll be inspired by the courage people have to transform their lives in order to realize their dreams. You’ll applaud the strength of those who have overcome adversity to triumph in life. And in case you didn’t before, you will truly understand how the Law of Attraction is always working for you.

    There are many excellent books written by powerful teachers discussing the Law of Attraction. This book, as the title implies, is about the application of the law. It will show you that anyone in any situation, regardless of age, sex, economic background, or past negative experiences can practice it and experience greater levels of happiness, love, and abundance.

    "We are all incredibly powerful manifesters ... we just need to apply the principles."
    - Rich German
    • I read the stories in the free download and they are incredibly inspiring. I'm looking forward to the call.
      Warmest regards,
      Rosemary Heenan
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