Ok guys, so I have been having a little bit of a delima.. Im not exactly sure how to get the feeling of unlimited gratitude that the Secret describes, I have been able to feel unlimited joy, unlimited happiness, and unlimited wealth, I just cant seem to get the gratitude part.. Or maybe I am feeling it and I just dont know, but if it is one of the most powerful feelings then I would think that I should know naturally.. All that I know FOR SURE about this subject is that I KNOW that someone on here will help me to know exactly what I am asking! I have the utmost faith!!! :)

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  • I believed it to be sincerly thankful for everything in your life . Wich include your wealth or materalistic as well as ,jobs,lessons ( even the difficult ones ) children ( even if you have none of your own like myself ) I do have many nieces ,pets . Anything and everything in your life that has made you or brought you to this moment . I Don't know but that's my interepitation of it .
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