How can I to transform parts of my body?**I only want to hear from people who BELIVE and KNOW it can be done.**I'd like to make my feet smaller. My skin a even brilliance in chocolatly color and my hair grow in long thick kinky curls and my eyes a brilliant grey.I love my body, but I'd love to see it as in my fantasies.What can I do. How can I start.Has anyone else used l.o.a to transform themselves?

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  • Why do you want to change? The universe doesn't ask so I will. According to the law of attraction, the universe doesn't care whether changing will hurt or help you. It is unbiased. So please make sure you want to change for the right reasons. And I think the right reasons are for yourself. It is for my health, happiness, it is for me. You are unique for a reason so love yourself and change only for yourself.


    "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else" Judy Garland
  • I choose for a tatoo I got when I was younger and mad at the world, to forever fade away
    I have tan skin, so I don't want laser. I am not that person anymoe, so I believe the tatoo is fading completely away.

    I have a lot of scars on my arm and knees, legs that I choose to forever fade away and become non existent

    stretchmarks to disappear

    To grow 4 inches taller , ( it is hard for me to drive most cars, it is a real challenge in my life, so to grow taller, would be the greatest)

    I belive this is happening, I strongly believe this with every fiber in my soul, I beleive I can alter my dna
    I visualize the dna strands changing
  • I agree with Brad, you can chance certain things.
    First of all there are many things you can do yourself to chance, if you wear shoes that make look your feet smaller, it will help to manifest that way. You can not chance this in 2 days, things like this will take time.

    Did you never had that people asked you if you lost weight? even when you didn't. This has to do with the way you feel (and feel about yourself)
    If you're in a good mood, feeling pretty, it will reflect on yourself and on others.
    I doubt that eyecolors can chance but then I have noticed already that some people have grey eyes and later you find out that they are actualy more green. So maybe this can change.

    About hair, I saw about an old lady that her hair changed from grey to her natural color again because of yoga. As far as I know yoga it is also about getting in a state of mind and love yourself, etc...
  • So,,,first of all,,,escuse me because of my english words,,,too poor to express my thoughts...

    You can do anything with youre body,,,,,I'm a verry sexy woman,,,age 44, I loog much younger, because snice few years, when I discovered The Secret, and I leard how can change my life, I belive I 'm beautiful, I belive i'm beautiful brest too, My leg seems are perfect now,,,and nobody make joke about,,,I don't now,,,but all the time I repeated in my mind,,"have nice legs", and I realised I'm so sexy at my age,,,I don't have marks of age on my face,,,,I'm perfect,,,and I'm so proud of me,,,( on my page there are posted pics with me) any way I intend to make an Calendar at 45 years,,,making nude artistic photos- black and white) just because to show to all how I tranformed my body only with the Power of Thinking....

    you can do it,,,a lot of person here told you just to BELIVE, and some how it will be like you want,,,,

    PS; I heald my body also,,,,I'm in perfect health now!

    Love ,,,Hexe
  • I know that lots of people lost weight using LOA. I just want to get more ripped and have a wash board stomache. So I cut down on my carbs and stopped drinking any kind of alcohol. I went to the gym a lot. I started to get more ripped, but I lost some weight too. I was sick and went to the doctor and he weighted me. I was shocked at the weight. I think I brought this about, because I always say I have a fast metabolism.
  • Milky Fresh, you asked if anyone else used l.o.a to transform themselves?

    The answer is Yes, Yes and Yes, Brad Man is spot on.

    I answered a post on this site when it first opened as this question was being asked a few times. I remembered many posts on the old ‘Secret Forum’ (which has now been closed) where members stated the physical changes they had made using the LOA

    You need to do a search under the Secret Forum, Powerful Intentions and Law of attraction Forums as I can’t remember which one the post is in.

    There are posts here from members who have successfully changed body parts and they have explained how they did this.

    Lissy you posted:
    “I have realized that the only way my breasts can grow at my age is to get implants”
    There are posts where others have posted that they have increased their size considerably, you just need to search for them.

    Rock 'n Roll Queen you posted:
    “But if your eyes are brown, for example, and you'd prefer grey eyes, that wouldn't be very realistic. Certain things are attainable, but others simply aren't.”
    I remember seeing posts on this site (and the old Secret Forum) from others who have changed their eye colour using the LOA.

    There's a video on youtube explaining how one woman changed her hair colour from Gray to Black!

    Amazing isn’t it!
  • When I first saw the secret I had the same issue. I wanted to be taller and to have bigger breasts and to be prettier. I would ask for it and so far all I have gotten is a small benyne breast tumor. I have realized that the only way my breasts can grow at my age is to get implants, not what I want. I am learning to love my size. I am seeing that if they were any bigger it wouldn't look right on my body. I know that I am unique in my size and shape and I love that. As for being prettier, i started saying thank you for my clear beautiful skin, and sure enough, my face got less oily and the breakouts stopped.

    Maybe what you will get is a simple trick to make your feet apear smaller but in reality nothing will have changed.
    • Hi Lizzy,

      I have an article that might help you. Message me and I will send it to you.
  • Milky Fresh.... ANYTHING is attainable and never believe otherwise.
    You are correct in stating that anything is possible and especially correct if you can "believe" it.
    The only thing that can really hold you back is your beliefs. This is something I have come to understand in my studies. Belief is a major player when manifesting anything. I have experienced it firsthand many times. Belief can make or break you when it comes to manifestations.

    Yes, you need to believe that you can change whatever part of you want to because in reality, you can. You need to change your "fixed" beliefs, which are a combination of what you have accepted as true and what society has more or less "drilled" into you as being true. Can you believe it to be true simply by wishing it to be? No. You need to perceive it as true in order to believe it thus effecting the change.

    Such a seemingly large and difficult order (smaller feet and so on) seems to require more belief, so your first step is "desire", which you have, so now you need to move on to accepting as true, your ability to manifest the change, which is where your belief comes into play. Educate yourself as much as you can in LOA.

    Remember, whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. Believe it. Don't put a time limit on this one. Intend it, but in the meantime (as I said above) read as much as you can, absorb as much as possible every "positive" thing you can about LOA. Books, movies, E-Books and so on. See how others accomplish what they have. Look for every detail. Take what you feel comfortable with, leave what doesn't feel comfortable. Remember, even though in a sense we are all one, we are still individuals and therefore we are the ones in control of our lives and certain things will help us and not others.

    Try to understand and "know" that there are NO limits and continue to intend what you desire. Keep visualizing or as you said "fantasizing". You can truly have it. Take what you have learned thus far and keep studying. The Law of Attraction goes much deeper than many realize. It is a powerful force and can give you your hearts desire if you only believe. Work with it, but most importantly, work to strengthen your faith (or belief if you will). Don't fret or worry about it because that will hold you back.

    You will come to the point (as you build your beliefs) and see, that there truly are no limits because there are not! And one day you will go to put on your shoes, and they will fall off because your feet really did get smaller. Why? Because you are the creator of your experience.
  • Hi Milky Fresh

    I think one of the most important things about the LOA is LOVE. A love for life, a love for yourself and a love for others. Once you realise that you are perfect, not despite your flaws, but BECAUSE of them, you'll start to see amazing things happening for yourself.

    You need to put yourself into alignment with the life that you want, and the only way you can do this is by truly loving and accepting yourself. You are uniquely beautiful!!

    I know that you're probably tired of hearing people say that you need to love and accept yourself, but honestly, it's the only way to move forward into YOUR fabulous life! Your amazing life is waiting for YOU, not a version of you with greyer eyes, longer hair, etc... just you, as you are!!

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