How can I to transform parts of my body?**I only want to hear from people who BELIVE and KNOW it can be done.**I'd like to make my feet smaller. My skin a even brilliance in chocolatly color and my hair grow in long thick kinky curls and my eyes a brilliant grey.I love my body, but I'd love to see it as in my fantasies.What can I do. How can I start.Has anyone else used l.o.a to transform themselves?

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    • Yes, but the secret talks about how to can lose weight just by thinking a certain way and it doesn't matter what others think is your ideal weight is, as long as you do. And I hardly think, longer healthier hair is unattainable. Healing the body, and defying age are sort of in the same pot. That is to what the secret talks about. "There are no limits" to the secret. So what your saying about loving myself is nice and everything, but your also saying that i can't change myself even if I love myself....
    • Longer hair is attainable, sure, but if your eyes are brown, for example, and you'd prefer grey eyes, that wouldn't be very realistic. Certain things are attainable, but others simply aren't.

      I just find that when I tapped into loving myself and everything around me, the LOA seemed to work so much better and so much faster. Thus, for me, love seems to be the basis of the LOA. I wholeheartedly believe that if you truly love something, you accept it for what it is and as it is... so if you truly loved yourself, you wouldn't want to change a thing. You would find the perfection in whatever it is that you're loving (in this case you), and be thankful for each and every aspect.

      This is just my input - it's obviously not what you wanted to hear, though. I wish you all the best, though. I don't claim to be an expert on the LOA, this is just my experience of it, which I wanted to share. Believe and you'll receive - I don't know it all, so keep us posted on what happens!
  • Milky Fresh,

    Why dont you just accept yourself the way you are. The Law Of Attraction is not the only law of the universe.
    There are 4. One of them, aside from the Law of attraction is the law of Causality or the Law Of Karma. You are what you look like because of your karma. And karma is not a bad thing. You are meeting yourself.
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