Please help...

I have been recently feeling very upset and depressed lately. I lost my job over two weeks ago, without any real explanation other that the economy is bad. I have been trying to look for work, but have not been receiving any calls back.I will even have nightmares about my work and will wake up in a bad mood, either angry or crying.I am also getting married in May next year and instead of enjoying the preparation, I have been upset to the point of crying due to budgeting and fear of not having enough money for the wedding.I feel it is so hard in trying to control my emotions and stay positive. Any advice or good vibes could really help me.

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  • hi just wanna say to you that to me it is all about having fear and that fear is the not seeing the future and we don't know what that is we some time's have a picture in our head of what it look's like but life can change that picture for us
    it's happened to me and all i can say when thing's don't go the way i want them to is that
    don't give up it's just around the been just keep on going and and some time's that dosn't work but i do have hope and having the book to go back to help's me i keep it on my ipod and by my bed at nite i just know it will and if you don't right now no that i believ it for you
  • I know how you feel, a lot of people are suffereing from the economy, but what you have to remember is you have the support from everyone on this site, and you know the secret! A few bad things have hapened to me recently, and yeah, at first it got me down, but (and it may take a little time), it'll all work out for the better. If you can use the secret, you can use this to your advantage. You never know, the universe might just be trying to get you to go for another job, maybe one you might not have gone for before, but now you feel you have no options, and I bet if this does happen, you'll end up enjoying that job more, and probably getting better paid than before. Focus on your wedding, focus on all the nice stuff you'll have, the dress, heck, you could even go shopping for the dress. You might not want to buy it right away, because if you're like me you like to play it safe a bit. Whilst you're feeling low though, there are many things you can do to try and take your mind off it. For me, I write, for you it might be from sports to reading to playing a musical instrument?

    I really hope this helps, and don't forget, if you totally believe and TRUST the Secret, it can't fail you. It took me a while to totally gain trust of the secret, but when bad stuff happens to me now, I just see it as a path to something better.

    Best wishes, and keep us posted on how you are,

    We are all rooting for you!

  • Hi Lisa

    It's easier said than done, but try to focus on all the good in your life and try to encourage more positive feelings. Sit down and make a list of all that you are grateful for - and forbid yourself from dwelling on the negative!

    When we come into allignment with our true selves, often you'll find that many changes occur around you... these appear as bad at first, but if you think about it, ALL change is making way for new, more positive things to come into your life. Don't think of losing your job as a bad thing - think of it as an opportunity given to you by the Universe (or God) to discover what it is that you'd really like to be doing, and to fully utilise your talents. There is something better waiting for you... you just need to tap into what it is!

    I hope that this offers you some encouragement and hope! A quote I am absolutely in LOVE with at the moment which could be useful and inspiring to you:

    "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birt to a dancing star" (Niezsche)
    • Thank you Rock 'n Roll Queen. Its hard, but I will try to stay positive. I wasn't fully happy with my job and know there is something more out there that I can enjoy.
    • Stay strong!! I'm sending you lots of love and happiness... I KNOW that you will find your perfect job soon! The universe is alligning everything and everyone to match up to your frequency!
  • I also felt very depressed today, then i thought about the secret, and tried to figure how to make my thoughts less depressive. My attitude towards it werent great thou, so i figured i would try to check out the Secret -website and maybe get my thoughts onto something positive. i watched this clip:
    And i got in a better mood.
    now i realise that im really a great guy... after all...
    Maybe it works for you too! the music is also helping on the mood. hehe
    • I actually did view this clip and it did help me feel a little better. I will try to make a habit of looking at this every morning to help start my day right.
    • good to hear!
      im sure everything will work out for you eventually. here's my moto; Do not see problems, see solutions!
  • Dear Lisa,
    Its not bad to feel bad. You should HONOR your emotions. They are your friends. You cannot change your present situation if you dont acknowledge what you feel.
    Changes are occurring to you. Be aware of it. Most of all, pray, meditate & ponder on your life. KNOW THAT YOU ARE WELL BEING. Everything will turn out fine. TRUST yourself. TRUST the Universe.
    • I know. I fear that it is effecting my relationship with my fiance and my family. My parents have told me that I sound angrier and snappish when we talk and my fiance tells me that my crying and depression is also draining him. And they have been nothing but supportive to me since it has happened. I just want to have some closure, happiness, and confidence back to me.
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