I have been using the Law of Attraction for many years successfully for many things in my life. However I am noticing a pattern in my relationships. I have been married 3 times and in each relationship the the physical closeness and communication has all but disappeared. I don't know what to do about it. I think it comes from my past. All the women I have hooked up with have always had some kind of abuse in thier background. If I go onto the next relationship it will be the same thing over and over unless I stop it now whatever I am doing. Some other way of looking at this differently is needed

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  • I like how Abraham suggests we notice what is Right about our partners.

    For example maybe first one was 50% of what you are looking for
    Next maybe 55%
    # 3 ..maybe 60%

    or maybe it went the other way? The point is notice what you are liking in them and keep exploring.

    A year ago I was like attracting 80% of what i want
    Now I am closer to 90%

    I just date a variety of people (even some who a few years ago I never would have considered dating, now I just think if LOA brought us together, let's explore this and see what I can learn). I really am enjoying the journey. I look at dating as stepping stones helping me notice what I do want and don't want...then i think as much as possible as what i like.

    it is definitely working, my set point is raising.

    Susie Q
    • Hi SusieQ Thank you for posting this. I went to you website and then to my bookstore and purchased Denise Coate's book "Feel It Real" There are 56 games in the book and I have started doing some of them. One of the games I play is to write the words Create FUN RELATIONSHIPS on 3 by 5 cards and put those around in my house and car so that I see them several times per day. This helps me to program myself to create just that. It seems to be working. I got this from a free book you can download from this link It Works by J H Jarrett>
  • Hello there patterns run deep and usually working with a lifestyle coach can help....With my experience and education in divination. I found that you have to really work on YOU. Sometimes this comes from something you had experienced programmed in your childhood. Connection people put to much emphasis on. And yes we all love that first feeling of magnetic sensation......I only had the strongest with one man. But he was not good for me. could of been but outside influences can effect this. Do you believe there are people here that have ultimate power. Others are just a number in a code of a matrix. to control a system as such when you deal with computers.

    Have you ever found something on the internet yet someone else finds something and you will never see.

    Communication is something that is important and you need to work harder on developing it. Most people are too lazy.

    If it is worth the investment then you need to find a way to deal with changing the way YOU communicate.

    If you are interested in doing a session with me....I would be happy to set you up and appointment.

    please visit our website
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