After 8 moths i decided to try to think positive again. It's been few days. I figured out there's my favorite shop with shoes near my house. So i went there with sister to check it out, found nothing interesting only one of those seemed ok to me.. We went home and searched them on their website and thought to myself they looked good. I fell in love with them. Then, 2 days later i came back there with my brother because he wanted some new shoes for winter so i said i go with you, at least i try out the ones i want. I was broke all the time especially these 8 months so i could only try them out and get out the shop. I tried hard to remember the feeling of having them but it was so easy because i actually wore them in solid reality. I thought to myself, i know their mine and i didnt really worry about it, i let it go and go on with life. Next day i had a headache so i slept whole day. Next day after that, which is today, i met my grandparents we had a talk and i mentioned those shoes because it was at the topic. They immediately gave me money and told me to go buy them right now and so i did. I got them and it was kind of change in my life because this never happened before to me. So strange because i didnt really needed them, wasnt obsessed with the thought, i just knew their mine so it had to happen. Another thing i manifested in these few days - glasses (for which i waited 2 months, got them few days after applying nevilles technique) and other little things which is not needed to mention. Now im going to attract my bf back. I cried a lot before because we had plans etc, my heart was broken. I felt like sh*t and that inspired me to think positive again because the pain was the worst and lowest bottom i experieced in my whole life. And the more days pass that i think positive, the less i cry or worry or have anxiety. The key is to not think about your desire or your current life - it will ruin you totally. I will keep you updated when he's back and how i done it. The more you let go, the closer it gets to you.

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  • Hey Mishel, congratulations on your success! And thanks for sharing it with us. I too am trying to manifest something, but I guess I have been obsessing over it way too much. I am going to just let it go (which is really hard for me) like you said 'The more you let go, the closer it gets to you.' 

    The more you let go, the closer it gets to you.

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