Are we helping others or projecting our own fears ?

We all want to build a community of like minded people around us, so that we can re-inforce our lives with the positivity of our intentions ..... and one of the best way to build such environment is blogging.But Does Blogging help us grow at all?I have followed many blogs, including the powerful ones here. And i wonder sometimes if we are killing the values of blogs because the way we behave. I have noticed many times that1. when someone posts a problem, most of the repliers don the mask of "I know all" and provide answers. If we already have answers, how can we grow, when we already know it all?2. The replies and the counter replies are justification and cross questioning (like in any other blog) and have hardly seen anyone question their own ingenuity..... all the threads end with "my argument was correct OR better than his/hers". Is there any thread where all the participants walked out of it more aware spiritually, happier or wiser or inspired?3. We are still hiding behind social masks. Even when this is supposed to be a group of spiritually aware people, we still like to post questions and responses which satisfy social norms (even if that prohibits growth). Have seen many posts with "How do i make like minded friends?" when actually the real question someone wanted to ask was "how can i get laid" or "how can i stop thinking about getting laid?" If we cant even trust the group with innate and honest questions/ responses .. then arent we converting this forum to a mere social gossips website?There are tonnes of other observations, that forces me to think if we are really committed to our spiritual growth, transforming our lives .... or we are just having another social gossip/ networking forum under the disguise of "wholistic growth"

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  • It is an interesting point that we are hiding behind social masks. I find that when we try to be "politically correct" for example, we limit our thinking. How wonderful though when we find ourselves observing our own "blog behavior" and as a result learn where we are focusing our energy! (Happens with me a lot!) :)
  • AS for myself, I do not make posts that are out of alignment of my intentions.

    I have occasional started to write a few, but I read them before posting and if I read them and they do not feel good, are not in alignment with what I WANT than they do not get posted, because this is how my energy is expanded, so why expanded it in a way I do not want.

    I also do not not read the posts that are focused on things I do not want, because I do not wish to change my vibration in that way! :-}
  • This is very interesting and very true. We all have on social masks and behave totally different away from these on-line communities. But yet, there is always something I can learn and always something that I can reasonate with. Every day that passes I expand, and just means I have more questions and even more answers.

    Sometimes I also feel that answering a question brings more clarity to me on that subject. So I guess, through all of it, I am still expanding whether I'm asking or answering, whether I'm a know-it-all or a seeker. Thanks for this. It has made me think.

  • Life is supposed to be fun — it is supposed to feel good! You are powerful creators, and you are right on schedule. . . .

    Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less. . . . .

    Nothing is more important than that you feel good - just practice that and watch what happens.



    This applies to blogging as well!

    But everyone has differring vibrations at different times and everyone is mutually attracting others at a similiar vibration.

    So it is up to each person to INTEND their desired reults from their actions ( blogging) or anything else, than to be in alignment with those intentions and that is what they will attract!
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