Hi and thanks for reading.

I am new to this forum; I just read "The Secret" and am looking to apply it to some things in my life.

I just have one general question, is it better to focus on things you want to achieve one at a time, or is it just as effective to try multiple things at once?

That's all. Thanks again for reading.

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  • Also, If you focus on one thing at a time... Like money for instance... You won't have a health problem anymore... You can't have cancer if you were never told (Or you never knew) you have cancer... So if you don't think about health issues they won't exist anymore.

    • Good perspective !

  • Multiple things are fine. Lets say you have a health and money issue. You would not ignore the health to focus on the money or vice-versa. It is smart to do both. 🙏🏾

  • I strongly believe in focusing on one thing at a time! 

    I found my energy too scattered when I had multiple goals and I couldn't get enough steam to really make a dent in any of them, and then I would get discouraged and downgrade my goals. Now I have one clear goal at a time and I feel good about my progress. 

    Joe Vitale agrees.

    Another source (not LOA, but relevant and good): The One Thing

    • Do you take action on your goals or do you use more Visualization and affirmations?

  • Think of it lke a river. If the water gets seperated  by an side stream, the waterflow/energy on the main river decreases. Just one thing at a time, even if it is seducing to focuss on many things all at once. 

    • Makes sense, thank you very much!

  • One thing is better but write down ALL your goals so they manifest along side your one Goal you are focusing on

  • Thanks for your response!

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