Hi and thanks for reading.

I am new to this forum; I just read "The Secret" and am looking to apply it to some things in my life.

I just have one general question, is it better to focus on things you want to achieve one at a time, or is it just as effective to try multiple things at once?

That's all. Thanks again for reading.

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  • Multiple things are fine. Lets say you have a health and money issue. You would not ignore the health to focus on the money or vice-versa. It is smart to do both. 🙏🏾

  • I strongly believe in focusing on one thing at a time! 

    I found my energy too scattered when I had multiple goals and I couldn't get enough steam to really make a dent in any of them, and then I would get discouraged and downgrade my goals. Now I have one clear goal at a time and I feel good about my progress. 

    Joe Vitale agrees.

    Another source (not LOA, but relevant and good): The One Thing

    • Do you take action on your goals or do you use more Visualization and affirmations?

  • Think of it lke a river. If the water gets seperated  by an side stream, the waterflow/energy on the main river decreases. Just one thing at a time, even if it is seducing to focuss on many things all at once. 

    • Makes sense, thank you very much!

  • One thing is better but write down ALL your goals so they manifest along side your one Goal you are focusing on

  • Thanks for your response!

  • You are just starting I recommend you to focus on one thing.

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