• NOTHING is complete and everything is in the process of expanding so it really just depends on what your own vibration and asking is at the moment!

    For me the closet to " complete would be Abraham-Hicks, which for me, pretty much explains everything so much that I fully 'get" that I can really can always get anything I need with my Own Guidance system.
  • Aztecsfinest:

    BTW, I like your profile pic, that's really cool. The Master Key System is wonderful, although it can be a little advanced which is why I didn't recommend it first (it's a good thing to build up to).

    The Esther Hicks books are actually very well received and very well known (The Teachings of Abraham being probably the most well known). Those looking to continue to expand their knowledge of LOA should definitely pick these up. Actually, an interesting and newer book by Esther Hicks is "The Vortex". I haven't read it yet but I am putting it on my list. I have a couple in the queue before it, but I a couple of people in this forum have read it and really had great things to say about it.

    I also recommend "The Tibetan Book of Meditation" by Lama Christine McNally. It's not LOA per se (although Tibetan tradition is soaked in the Law of Attraction, they just don't call it that). This is a great, step by step guide to different levels of meditation.

    Bob Proctor actually has a lot of good audio recordings that I have listened to. I have his book, "You were born Rich" in PDF format on my netbook for the next time I travel.

    I have not read a book on this subject that I haven't gotten something out of. When you have read many, you see repetition but each source offers a perspective that's unique and makes it worthwhile. Much of the newer material gets behind the science and ironically, a lot of it is in quantum physics which is a side hobby of mine (and astrophysics which is actually far more related than anyone could have ever imagined, John Dimartini is doing research on this right now).

    Binnoy: Here's some help attracting the books. If you get them from the new/used area of, you can usually get them for about 7 bucks so they cost next to nothing. The Tibetans (As well as many others) say "The without is merely a reflection of the within."
  • I eccomnd The Master Key System and Bob Proctor's SGR Programme I too found THe Secret to be only a good introduction but it din't say enough. Mike, what would you say of the Abraham and Esther Hicks books?
  • Well thanks MIKE.
    I will attract these books through the law of attraction. After all, the law is so useful when it comes to attracting books.

    Well I believe that the speed of manifestation depends upon our feelings. It also depends upon how are acting now. From a platform of lack or abundance.
    I start living as if I am living my dream life and all I do is stay with that feeling. The feeling itself is so amazing that the outer circumstances donot bother much. However it is this when the outer circumstances change

  • Believe it or not, "The complete idiot's guide to the Law of Attraction" is a great follow up. After that, I would recommend reading "Having it All" by John Assaraf. John studies a lot of quantum mechanics and how they relate to the human brain and I have found that his research to be extremely valuable. There is a lot more but those two would be great next steps.
  • Well thanks MIKE
    I too found something missing in the secret. I guess THE SECRET is just a small block to a larger puzzle.
    Would be happy to know your recommendations

  • It's on my To-Do list. Here's the thing with "The Secret" is incomplete. It is a great book/movie to get one introduced to the Law of Attraction but that's all. There is actually a lot of material out there including books that combine quantum mechanics and the human mind to indicate how LOA actually works (And techniques to actually help you take control, not just simply tell you to feel positive and let things happen). I've read several books on this and I'd be happy to make recommendations if you would like.
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