I wouldnt say I am an amateur at applying the law of attraction, Ive known about it for a few years now and I do start to use it more i notice, it times of need/distress. However, Ive made it a point to really use it on a daily basis and not forget about the magic I have found in my life.


I recently received an eviction notice with another list of negative events following. However I went full force with different processes, and I became fully motivated. I shortly after obtained my bartender certification which I put off years ago, AND landed a job immediately at a very cool bar!


Anyway, I was soooooo grateful for this job, thanked the universe everyday during my gratitude prayers, and I just got the call about an hour ago that they have to let me go due to lack of experience; they really dont have the time for such extensive training.


I really feel crushed and confused; I actually manifested a couple of large things just yesterday, that I have been needing. (such as a bed and a working vaccuum) completley FREE! so I was on top of the world yesterday.. then this happens. luckily I will be staying with my daughters dads family for a little while, but I just got onto a waiting list for some apartments that will have a unit available for me in a month... this was going to give me enough cushion to save up the money and have a steady income.. and now I feel totally screwed and defeated.


I am notorious for even using the law of polarity, and really looking at things for the positive light and uplifting others as well.. but i really do not know what to do.


I only want to bartend; I do not want an office job because I model as well and really need exposure and to create my whole "image" as I am planning on launching my music career.. which I want sooo badly. It is my passion.


Sorry for my life story. lol I guess I kind of needed to vent, and noone of my friends are into the law of attraction, the secret, meditation, my lifestyle ect.


any advice/upliftement would be great. im not sure where to go from here. (I also have a little trouble "allowing" or surrendering i notice.. i almost have to force myself to, especially since I have found this personal power which resides in me.)



thank you! peace and love


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  • hi :) yes i actually had joined this group a while back when i first learned that i was going to be evicted. i was sniffing money because of the youtube video i saw. it actually did help at the time. the thing is now, i dont have ANY money to sniff or buy the audios. but i do remember the key aspect was to manifest from the HEART not the mind... and that has literally stuck in my head until this day.. problem is im not sure how to do that.

    i know toni has wings is always posting things about money just flowing into her life! she is literally living a life of magic and i know for a fact its because her heart chakra is opening and allowing a flow of abundance in and out of her. do you happen to have any specific suggestions on how to manifest from my heart verses my mind? ( i literally have like $50 to my name right now and creditors on my back)

    • In The Power, see the section about money. Pay attention of the area of making wealth or good fortune "stick to you". Rhonda explains that many people win the lottery, then they let the money slip through their fingers. For a lot of us, we get a "windfall" and the money is gone quickly due to unexpected expenses, faulty investments or just mismanagement. This could be due to our fear of money or success. Sometimes, we get a good position and in the back of our minds, we wonder if we can really "keep" this job, because of our past experiences.

      People use LOA to attract things, but didn't change the way they really felt about money or success. When you don't feel good about money or success (for instance, having a fear of money or success) you repel it. Rhonda explains it is the force of love that brings money and success and makes it stick. When you get another job or a nice apartment, find a way to feel good about these things. Don't think of them as temporary. Don't expect the thing you attracted to be snatched away from you. If a negative thought pops into your mind, quickly put it out of your mind. Focus on something else instead. Be thankful for each tip. Enjoy making that new "Blue Luna Luna" drink (not a real drink, just an example). Enjoy the customers and your coworkers. Laugh yourself through your shift and you will squeeze out the negativity (because there will be no room for the negative thoughts). 

    • you hit it right on the head. I actually have thought about this. for example.. i wrote myself a gratitude check that was included in the power. it was for $5000.

      Quickly after that within a couple of months I filed my taxes and received 5k. random? nope. I just had so much faith and no resistance back then. however that 5k disappeared quicker than $100 that i can stretch for months. no joke. so i thought exactly about that. It's because of the feeling around that check.

      Anyway thank you for the advice. I start a new office job tomorrow as well as another bar job in a couple more weeks. I will take this to heart


    • Glad you are starting two new jobs! Keep us posted. I will check back and see how you're doing. Expect only good things and be blessed!

  • I have learn this pass week, you are focus in the mind and not the Heart. 

    Carole Dore' Has audios explaining, The Why! You can find them in her forum; The Emergence Handbook for Getting Money Fast.


  • Hope I'm not late but I think I have the answer to your questions.


    This is from The Science of Getting Rich:


    "A student of the science of getting rich

    had set his mind on making a certain business

    combination which, at the time, seemed to him to

    be very desirable. He worked for some weeks to

    bring it about. When the crucial time came, the

    thing failed in a perfectly inexplicable way. It was

    as if some unseen influence had been working

    secretly against him. He was not disappointed.

    On the contrary, he thanked God that his desire

    had been overruled and went steadily on with a

    grateful mind. In a few weeks, an opportunity so

    much better came his way that now he would not

    have made the first deal on any account. He saw

    that a mind which knew more than he knew had

    prevented him from losing the greater good by

    entangling himself with the lesser

    That is the way every seeming failure will

    work out for you — if you keep your faith, hold

    to your purpose, have gratitude, and each day, do

    all that can be done that day."

    • thank you soo much... i actually have this book and lent it out and never got it back but need it. yes yes. i just feel i need to be CONSTANTLY given little snipits like this but it helps so much. this really clicked with me!

  • bump. any suggestions? :(

  • -_____- tell me why today i lost the job AGAIN!! because i didnt pass the written test, TWICE. It was a really hard test, I studied , I worked already and did fine, but they have to suspend me until they figure out what they can do.

    I dont understand why this keeps happening?? also right before my retake test today, i find out i need to find a place to live asap and i have no idea where I am going to go

    Some people would say this is a "test" but I dont really believe in tests from the universe. i believe more about vibration. I really am distraught because I am constantly staying positive and in a state of appreciation!!

  • Hi! I actually had landed another bartending job shortly after this posting, and of course it was a way more suitable situation for me. However then I lost that job and a series of very negative events followed. i was like o wow here we go again -_______- but then as soon as I got up and went to apply in person again, the same day i got hired at another job on the spot again! Im notorious for being hired on the spot now :] lol anyway the orientation and job doesnt start until next month but i  am very grateful for that job because i think i will be making the most money there.


    i do not have an apartment and honestly my vibrations are just not high enough at this point to really just land in one out of the blue like i hear all these other stories of people doing. this is due to such horrible negativity in a relationship that just ended. and well, im just trying to remain positive,in an attitude of gratitude and all the rest so that it could ALL fall into place, not just one area of my life

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