I wouldnt say I am an amateur at applying the law of attraction, Ive known about it for a few years now and I do start to use it more i notice, it times of need/distress. However, Ive made it a point to really use it on a daily basis and not forget about the magic I have found in my life.


I recently received an eviction notice with another list of negative events following. However I went full force with different processes, and I became fully motivated. I shortly after obtained my bartender certification which I put off years ago, AND landed a job immediately at a very cool bar!


Anyway, I was soooooo grateful for this job, thanked the universe everyday during my gratitude prayers, and I just got the call about an hour ago that they have to let me go due to lack of experience; they really dont have the time for such extensive training.


I really feel crushed and confused; I actually manifested a couple of large things just yesterday, that I have been needing. (such as a bed and a working vaccuum) completley FREE! so I was on top of the world yesterday.. then this happens. luckily I will be staying with my daughters dads family for a little while, but I just got onto a waiting list for some apartments that will have a unit available for me in a month... this was going to give me enough cushion to save up the money and have a steady income.. and now I feel totally screwed and defeated.


I am notorious for even using the law of polarity, and really looking at things for the positive light and uplifting others as well.. but i really do not know what to do.


I only want to bartend; I do not want an office job because I model as well and really need exposure and to create my whole "image" as I am planning on launching my music career.. which I want sooo badly. It is my passion.


Sorry for my life story. lol I guess I kind of needed to vent, and noone of my friends are into the law of attraction, the secret, meditation, my lifestyle ect.


any advice/upliftement would be great. im not sure where to go from here. (I also have a little trouble "allowing" or surrendering i notice.. i almost have to force myself to, especially since I have found this personal power which resides in me.)



thank you! peace and love


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    • Why wouldn't you be able to get into the right vibration to get the appartment? You did manifest the job, multiple times, so you have the power within you to manifest positivity on the other areas in your life. You just have to believe you can.

      Sorry to hear the relationship caused horrible negativity, but now you can't change anything about it. It happened and it probably happened for a reason. It gave you more wisdom, about guys, relationships or whatever more it gave you wisdom in. You will take your advantage from this at some point.

      Try to concentrate on positivity, good things are coming! You got this new job and although you have to wait until next month, it will give you opportunities and you will finally start earning money, with this money you can pay the appartment that is waiting for you somewhere.

      Don't get affected by stories of other people, remember that those are not about your life! Your life can be different, because you have the power to make it different.

    • bump. any suggestions? :[

    • Yes! exactly, thank you for the words of wisdom. I literally inundate myself with positivity every single day, for as much as I can every single day, despite whats going on around me or the critiques about it surrounding me. On twitter, instagram, I'm constantly RTing or screenshotting pictures and posts about LOA, or just positivity/motivation/inspiration in general. The internet is literally a BLESSING for me. I can get plenty of knowledge from books and movies as reminders of how to keep the flow going, but its great to have it wrapped up in one on my iphone.


      Now I know exactly what your saying, about belief. At one point I did have unwavering belief. And doubt has slowly crept back in and its unfortunate. I mean on a certain level, I know I can. If someone were try to argue with me right now about what I cant do .. I would vehemently tell them yes I can! And tell them about all the manifestations I have brought about just pure belief that it is coming or it has already arrived. The last apartment I had gotten into, before moving in I had taped a picture on my wall of the floor plan, and wrote all over it, thank you universe sooo much that we are now living in _______. I had my 4 year old daughter focus on it with me everyday and visualize ourselves in it.. and thank the universe.


      so when we got evicted, I did the same thing with my future apartment that i want to move into. we have the thing posted up on the wall in clear view, im just not as passionate anymore? Idk. even yesterday my daughter who is now 6, was like look mommy the _____ (apartments) i thought we were moving in? :/ uugh it just breaks my heart.


      anywaaay.. maybe ive gotten a little too realistic, because within a week or 2 of me taping that up, the lady from those apartments called and emailed me saying they had a spot for me available right away! (it was supposedly going to take months on a waiting list) however i never ended up meeting with her, because I had actually just lost the first job i was talking about. its just a whirlwind of events that have occured that just make me go o___O


      but i would LOVE to get back in that place where i can just be like, ok whatever im moving in to _________ by christmas and thats that! the problem is, that if it doesnt happen (ive set goals like that before) i think my subconscious notes that and just lowers my faith alot.


      any suggestions? :]

    • It seems like you are saying: ok, I am setting this goal, but whatever, actually I don't believe this will happen. So cute your daughter is visualizing with you though, try to benefit from that, if you make her believe you will get the appartment soon, then she will get convinced as well and I guess two souls manifesting the same thing is even stronger.

      You are saying that you know with the LOA you are able to manifest things and that you managed to do so, over and over again. Try to remind yourself of that, or try to imagine that someone is sitting in front of you, telling you that the LOA just doesn't work and start convincing that 'person' why you think it does work. Because you know it works, right?

      The only thing is that you start to loose faith when things are going bad, while you shouldn't. Try to take a war as an example (I know it is bad comparing things to wars, but I think this does make it clear), if a country is in a war and it seems to loose, or it looses at one front; is that reason for the country to immediately blow of all the action? To immediately send all the soldiers home, because there is no more hope to win? Ofcourse not! The best option in this case is to strengthen the action on the other fronts, so that they are sure they keep on having the chance to win there.

      And then, when things all seem doing just fine on the other fronts, there is enough reason again to try to get what they want on the last front, on which they lost before.

      Just want to tell you, don't keep your head hanging if things don't go well in one area, try to concentrate on the things which are going well and remember that if something doesn't go the way you wanted, it happened so that you can learn from it or that the Universe has something better in mind for you, which is already on the way.

      I am also looking for positive things on twitter, instagram, youtube, facebook etc! It helps a lot in having positive thoughts.

    • yes thank you for that! sometimes i get stuck on trying to make it happen, because it has worked a couple of times that way. But these past couple of days i keep reminding myself, you have already put your intention out there. .. so let it go and trust the universe! and if something is not going right in my perspective, then to actually focus on the things that ARE going right.


      this is where my gratitude journal really came into play, at one point i had written in my gratitude journal daily and thing literally shifted instantly in so many areas.


      guess ill start on that right now again! :D

  • Im curious how things are right now, did you get the appartment and a job?

  • thanks, this really helps and puts stuff into perspective. do you really think too many processes will actually counteract what im trying to accomplish? o_O i actually do more processes because my theory is i kind of figure the more i do, the more effective it will be.


    kind of like diet and exercise is more effective than JUST dieting. but there are so many issues that  its true, just feeling good will shift things. its just hard to feel good when your stressed! and i wish i knew how to not try so hard... i catch myself but i guess it will just come over time? how do you "embrace" the negative feelings without focusing on them therefore creating more?



    • A couple of ideas/ attitudes / approaches to "embracing," aka handling, things that feel negative.

      1. It's just a thought. It only has the power to make you feel bad- for any duration - or otherwise manifest if you invest your energy into it. So, let it pass as if you were at a bus stop and the thoughts were just buses going the wrong direction, and wait for the one you want. For more on this, check out Micheal Neill at Supercoach.com or HayhouseRadio.com

      2. There are three levels of feeling, from what little I understand of Vedic philosophy. I call them: numb(No feeling), disturbed (Negative feelings), and Happy (all good feelings.)  If you're on the "OK" numb level, you allegedly need to go to "disturbed" before you can get to the good stuff. My inspiration for this is the Book "Dhanwantari" by Harish Johari- the chapter on the "Three Gunas" but it seemed to be a basic primer on their medical philosophy.

      I find that music is the easiest example, where an annoying song (disturbing) becomes a loved song (Happy.) Example: My brother plays this horrible, clanging music, like heavy/ death metal. I remember these three gunas/levels, and realize that I've entered "Disturbed." This gives me a choice: I can go for Numb (Status quo, quiet.) or Pleasure. After a moment, my mood shifts, and I begin to appreciate the music as it is. I think this is what's meant by "embracing."

      Point being: once you have arrived at the Happy stage, you will find your mind functions much better: you actually begin to see resources that you didn't know were there, options, ways, and means. Things change in a practical sense without truly, any objective change whatsoever.

    • thank you for the different perspective; i truly will take this into consideration!

    • Awesome! Best of luck for you in your adventures.

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