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The Law Of Attraction is so powerful. I just love it. I look at people on this forum/community and read what they post and can just see how powerful the LOA really is. 

Taking 100% accountability for your life is step # 1. 

Just get that through your head. Its not the Governments fault, your exs fault, your boss' fault. 
Its all you. You attracted it. Therefore you can change it.

Something magical happens when you realize you have the power. 

The Secret is a great book/movie. There is actually a key ingredient missing from The Secret that can speed up manifesting. Did you know that 95% of the people who read or watched the movie said it doesn't work.

Why do you think that is? Well when you practice something for a few weeks and nothing happens you tend not to believe in it. But you have been practicing being negative your whole life!!!! Whats with that. 

It takes some time people. Yea sure, there are things you can do to remove the resistance and they are so simple it will amaze you, but the fact is this. It is like a plant. You must water it, give it sun and let it grow. The LOA is the same thing. Start with small things and see them manifest and the bigger things will be more believable.

I could go on forever. A lot of people on this forum who understand the LOA is pretty much going to be around for their whole life take active interest and want to understand more. You have to be willing to commit some time or money into it. I did and still do. 

Ponder this. If it cost you $150 to learn something about the LOA and what you learned made you 10 times that amount was it worth it? I hope you said YES!

Now what if it Cost You $1000 and the information brought you a $10,000 raise, no more shoulder pain, a loving relationship, and you won a contest for a new car? Please say YES!!!!

What about $3000....see what I mean. Some of you flopped at $1000. Some of You cant fathom spending $3000. 

I love sharing the information I have learned because I understand that what I put out comes back to me multiplied. Its the same way for me with money. And that is why I help anyone who asks me for it. Which is why I give out this free CD about the Law Of Attraction. I give it out bc it is my way of seeing how committed you are to changing. It take me 5 minutes to send and you 2 minutes to accept plus 32 minutes to listen to. If you dont want it, its no sweat off my back. Its your life and I support you in anyway you desire.

See those who listen to the CD and say its not for me, they have a lot of block to success that need overcoming. Those who listen and want more, I send more stuff. Because I love it. I could post a few success stories from people who have manifested some amazing things. Im sure you all have some great stories yourself. I do too. We all do!!! Seeing people succeed is a pleasure and a joy. 

Im always willing to help anyone who reaches out and is willing to listen. You just have to take the first step. 


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  • Would Love the CD thanks

  • can i have the cds

  • can i have the cds :)

  • Hello Can I have the CD please<?

    LOA works, it has been working for me with little things 

  • Can you please send me this CD I would love to hear it  Thank you for this post there is a reason I ran across this post today best wishes



  • Hi!

    I'm relatively new to the Secret and the LOA, but I do believe in it, so I'm looking forward to having the CD. How can I get it?

  • For problam in a relation i knw its not frm one side
    Both r equally responsible
    But y is that m ONLY feeling guilty not the other person...
    I knw how LOA works... M very clear
    What do i do if i m NOT wanting to c those relations same as they were before...
    As i was GUD with them but they were not...
    I knw i was never wrong but if still some people dnt waan b vd me what do i do in those relations??
  • Hey awesome post =} I want to hear it again how can I ?
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