Do you let it go, or focus on your intention?

I have so many things that I choose to manifest, come to beseveral for years, things I emphatically, heart on the table, choose to beand I let it goand the years went byso then I would think about it as I am so happy and grateful now that I have.....and I believed it, and got all excited about it, and really feeling joyful about itand then years would go by, months and no resultso here I am head spinning, of what to dodo I let it goor think it about as it happened several times a day?I don't know what to do, or think anymore...any thoughts, appreciated!

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  • Beliefs are built upon "proofs". Proofs, hard evidence of what we experience, will shape our thoughts and will shape our life experience.

    What you need to do is focus on proof-breakers, or positive proofs that give you positive beliefs.

    If you are trying to manifest something big into your life, you may try out instead starting with something smaller and working your way up. This way, manifesting becomes a fun game or activity that you can enjoy. First, you will be given a small proof of the law of attraction. Don't worry if doubt is still there, it will transform into knowledge after you have a bigger backing of proofs, one after another. Soon, once you have an entire backing of smaller proofs fueling newer beliefs, you will be able to overthrow old beliefs that may be holding you back.

    Be willing to take action in a calm and clear state. Use the tools that you have available to you now to take a step toward what you want.

    You are doing good. You are becoming more and more conscious. As you become more conscious you will be provided with more challenges. Make them fun, learn to enjoy the process and not the result and you will not only enjoy your life, you will enjoy receiving the material objects that come into your life as a result of changed beliefs.

    Your doubts that your having now are fueled by negative beliefs. Probably experiences from your past that you had that were the proofs of your now negative beliefs. These beliefs may just now be coming into your consciousness. - Back Resources and Information. is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find her…
  • I have several books by Sanaya & Duane -- as well as the course in miracles, science of mind, power of now, etc... etc.... (and they're all very good, I'd recommend any of them) and after almost 9 years of sporadic manifesting (some great hits, and some misses) and A LOT of personal growth (leading to a greater self-awareness and mental discipline), I've begun to realize that the quickest way for me to embody that which I choose to receive is to hold it in my mind for as long as possible, enjoying the feeling of accomplishment and expectation for as long as possible, until I receive almost a mental 'click', or loss of interest in holding the intention, that tells me that this is no longer necessary. On the sales floor at my job, this has worked everytime I've tried it this past week, but it does take mental energy & discipline to have an intention on the backburner of your mind as you talk to other people, do paperwork, or drive.... But it can be done -- and so far, it seems to work. Abraham says if you hold an intention for as little as 17secs. it begins to be drawn to you, so imagine the power behind a thought that is given almost your continuous focus, even if only off-and-on, throughout the day...
    Until the desire to do so dissipates, and then you release it with faith that it's coming.
  • When the honeymoon with my beautiful desires ends I then let go,I detach. For a period of time you are honeymooning your intentions,visualizing owning it,having it,enjoying it. You desire it so much it hurts.You do all you can to manifest that treasure. You think about it all the time. Eventually the honeymoon ends. Its time to let go,detach. Get on with your life. No worries...your treasure is tagged for delivery to you. When the time is right your treasure will enter your life,and you'll then have it physically. Waiting requires patience and discipline. Busy yourself with activities that make you feel terrific. Before you know will have your treasure.
    • I soo agree with this.

      Last year i started out small, baby steps right? I started by visualizing having money to do what I want, to have groceries more that once in 3 months. I now can, and I have good credit. My last desire was a new car. I knew what make, model, year, miliage and amount I could afford. I had to wait for 8 days from the time i decided I wanted it to when I picked it up.

      I do believe in the LoA. I am starting to wonder if it's only for material things though. I am starting to have the same doubts as 'Maya'. There are 2 things I've been visualizing and they do not seem to be manifesting. I wonder if I'm not specific enough, or if there's more I need to do to make it a reality. These 2 things are what I've wanted the most, I have everything else on my vision board.

    • Are you holding onto these more, because you want them more? Whereas with the other things, because your want wasn't as great, you let go more easily and quickly?
    • I'm also having good success with what Mark said -- taking a small baby step from a clear space, and I keep doing it one day at a time...It seems to clear the emotions and get some positive momentum going...

      Nancy , greater love, serenity and power for people who dream
  • I go through this, too....One thing I do is to ask my inner wisdom for ways to experience what I want right now....

    So, I want a bigger, nicer house that I own. Right now, my inner wisdom is leading me to continually fix up my apartment, a big way here, a small way there, in a more flowing way, more regularly.....and it really feels great. It taps me right into that energy of my house. I know my own home is on the way, and I enjoy my life more right here. It helps all my energy flow faster and all my projects, too.

    Another useful thing is to break it down into small pieces...

    I've also got lots of tools on my Web site for aligning energy with more of what you desire. Pick ONE of your visions, write down one small piece of it or step towards it that you believe can happen soon, and try the "Basic Process for shifting energy" on the Processes page. Do it twice a week, and see what happens...

    p.s. Do you want to shift your life radically? Is where you are a great deal different from where you’re going? Me, too. I’m a quantum leaper who’s learned how to move more and more continuously with greater peace, stability, pleasure and power, and I share my methods at .
  • I am exactly where you are,but I am now using an awesome book and everything is changing like magic for me. The book is called "Creating Money," by Sanaya Roman & Duane Paker. I've read hundreds of books and watched hundreds of Wealth Attraction videos...none have helped me more than "Creating Money." I just did the general manifesting from the book and I can't remember feeling this much energy or feeling this much alive. I've been dancing and singing about being rich. I feel so rich! I've reached manifestation. The wealth I desire is on its way. I am ecstatic! "Creating Money" can be applied to anything you desire,not just money. Buy the book. It will totally transform your life.
    • Brenda
      That book sounds very good I'm going to get a copy for myself. Thanks for sharing.
    • You need to "feel" rich as well. We all have bills, so I know there is a lot of pretending. I pay my bills twice a month (because I get paid twice a month). On payday, I pay all the bills due before the next payday. If I haven't enough money to pay all the bills that are due within the next two weeks,I pay first the bills that are due the earliest. This way I'm not too late in paying a bill. Most creditors don't mind you're late a few days.

      The next pay day, I pay the remaining bills. After that, I take out a calendar and plan the next month's bills. I do not fret about the bills in the meantime.
      I set myself aside an allowance that is within my budget but not so tight, it makes me feel poor. I play games with myself everyday with money.

      I hope this helps.
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