I noticed when I'm about to manifest something I get this powerful "surge" of excitement before it happens. Like I'm visualizing and this huge energy comes over me so strong. Anyone else experience this??

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  • I'm revising this reply a bit: I also experience synchronicities relating to the thing I am manifesting, and sometimes these can be really significant. They can be so relevant I think " ok then, the thing is on its way, " and that gives me a feeling of excitement.
  • I get it as well.
  • Did this actually work?

  • Abe calls this the impulse to act when the vibes are lined up right, or a "hell yes!" (do it now)

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  • I don't know about a surge of excitement as such, but I find that I get a 'surge' of negativity, and the once that has settled, a peaceful and positive feeling. It is a bit like a darkest hour coming before a dawn, which serves as a 'clearance' of negative energy, ready to be replaced by the positive energy of the manifestation.
  • I definitely get a surge of energy when I start thinking about what I need to do today but I also get a surge of energy from taking our earth greens and super reds!
  • I find for me it happens very frequently. I've tried to identify what it is to me, perhaps the frequency of what I want to manifest vibrating. I just know it feels very good and uplifting when it happens and the after affects stays with me for a moment or two. I'm glad to know I'm in good company on this:)
  • Oh yes, I have felt that once in the five months that I have been practicing the LOA. And you know what, I immediately identified it as some sort of energy that was connected to my process of manifesting what I wanted at that time. It felt like my breath was taken away if just for a few seconds and then a sense of calm and assurance that I was going to get what I wanted. And it happened.

    I want to experience it again, and I know I will, soon.

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