Does obsession repel?

So I've attracted many things intentionally using the Law of Attraction before, however, I've found what works best is to REALLY feel having what you want for a few minutes, then letting it go/forgetting it, and just being happy and saying "Thanks" alot, and really just not stressing out about having it, because I just have this inner belief/knowing that it's already mine.

However, the more I consciously try to attract things (thinking about it ALL DAY/Obesessing, etc.), the less results I get. Like, when I'm thinking of it all day and how much I want it, THAT'S when I DON'T get what I want. So I feel like maybe, forgetting it for a while sends out some sort of "signal" telling the Universe that I'm confident in knowing it's already mine, because I'm not stressing over it, and that being happy, and thinking of it the least amount possible tends to produce good results. Or maybe thinking about it often, but as if your desire is already attracted in the present tense, because I have a little habit of thinking about the "want" or the "desire" constantly, so is it the want/desire feeling that keeps what we want from us? And what should we do to ATTRACT it, as opposed to repel it?

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  • For you, it seems that "obsessing" causes some resistance.


    This is really very individual and even different for each subject for the same person.

    That's because it is about vibration, and degree of resistance verses "allowing".


    The best way to tell is by how it feels . 

  • Definitely agree! I've manifested a couple of things recently simply by going,. 'oh, that looks nice,' or, 'ooh, I wonder where/what/when,' and then I get my answer or I get the thing that looks nice. You posted on my thread, I think, about my ex, didn't you? I'm trying to apply the same blase, shoulder-shrugging approach to that; I don't get results when I shoot up beams of joy, principally because the bigger the joy, the bigger the doubt; zero point manifestation, that's the key!



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