Foreign Exchange and LOA

Okay, so I will be 15 in October, and I would love to be a foreign exchange student in France.

I am absolutely fascinated by how wonderful France is.

I don't have a passport, because my parents think I don't need one, but I really want to get one so I can do this, and once I do, I want to enter a foreign exchange program.

But I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on getting a passport, and getting my parents approval to do this. I would absolutely love to do this and it's a huge dream of mine.

So how could I get a passport?

How could I get parent's approval?

How do I get the money necessary to pay for foreign exchange?

I hope to use LOA to do this, as LOA has never let me down before. I was just wondering what kind of affirmations to say, what to think about, focu on, and some good step-by-sep instructions on making this happen.

Thanks :)

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  • Hi Kay Lee:

    The first thing to do is to let go of any inherent doubts that your parents would have an issue. Talk it through with them and let them know what your intentions are and be persistent (but most importantly respectful). You probably will have great difficulty getting a passport if they don't approve. If you have a source of income, offer to pay for it yourself if one of them will bring you to get one. Offer to fill out any and all paperwork yourself.

    If your parents see how serious you are about wanting to go, they may offer to pay for you to go (and even pay for your passport). I can't tell you how many times I approached a situation ready to finance it myself and somebody else decided to pay for it because they saw the passion in my eyes.

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