I used to be a member of the yahoo law of attraction groups but I stopped participating because alot of members stopped posting and there was not a whole lot going on anymore. I am very happy to have found this website and grateful for it. I have so many things to manifest and sure needed the motivation that this kind of website brings. =)  !!  I want to marry my boyfriend who has a great heart and soul , I would like us to purchase a home, and I would like to be successful in the criminal justice field and raise my daughter to become a strong smart woman with a happy home. May the universe bless us all and help with our manifestations.

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  • Doesn't it feel good? Of course my relationship is not perfect and we do have issues but I am determined to use LOA to our advantage and make all our dreams and goals come true. I have never felt someone be as genuine as my boyfriend is to me..he is the sweetest guy. I love him so much =) and who is to say a relationship cannot be perfect? Those are our own limitations but it could be smooth sailing and all joys, laughters and love..we can make it happen Lace!

  • OH , its really Nice ... Your Name and PageLogo !


    Yes ... Me too .



    lace ~~~

  • Thank you and I will! =)  U will get all your heart desires as well you happy go lucky you! In your reply alone I could sense your happiness and good spirit..keep up the good work, im a newbie but im getting there =)

  • u will get all what your heart desires and when ur wedding comes send a slice of cake for me I'm in jamaica by the way lol

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