It says in the Secret that one can actually visualize unexpected checks in the mail. Has anyone on here actually received unexpected checks?

One of the teachers in the Secret has said he turned his life around by focusing on checks in the mail instead of bills. At first, I admit I was rather skeptical, but then since reading a lot about the LOA, I knew anything is possible.

Have any of you received large amounts of unexpected checks in the mail? If so, how did you do it? And is it really possible to get checks all the time?

Thanks guys I would appreciate any feedback!

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  • Why are you on this forum then?  It’s ALWAYS working, just maybe not in the way you want.  Everything you experience and have ever experienced, you have attracted to you. The process is the same for each and every one of us. 

  • Sir, you dont need to visualize, all you need is to talk about what you want, this is the secret of The Secret. Talk about it. Try it. What do you want in life? Talk about it like you normally would do not like in the present tense BS. What is it do you want?

    • Well it worked for me by visualising: for money and for other things too, but it doesn't do any harm to talk about it either.  Words are thoughts expressed and have attracting power too. 

    • Well, I visualised and I received, so it worked for me, but talking about something you desire doesn't do any harm, and it works just as well. Think about when you are feeling negative and you tend to verbalise your inner self-talk through complaint, which then manifests it.  Doing the same for things you desire works in the same way.  Imagine yourself having your desire, what you feel, what you get up to etc, and then verbalise that self-talk in the same way.  You will manifest it sooner or later. 

  • Yes.  A few years ago, I visualised for about 10 days, and then received one from my Aunty and Uncle who had remembered me in their will.  £500 a month before Christmas was very nice indeed.  Along the same lines, I did some visualising a few months earlier as I had some expenses over the summer months, and needed some money; and then my Mum credited £1000 to my account as a gift from my grandmother who had passed away around that time.  Not strictly a cheque in the post, but money all the same, and it covered all of the expenses nicely.

  • Yes there are people just walking around giving free money. But you won't rendezvous with them unless you belie e in. Dum de dum 'The Money Fairy!"

  • I haven't but would like to also know how?

  • Yes.  I repeat a mantra to myself every day.  It goes like this:  Every day I'm getting healthier, stronger, younger, better looking, richer, happier and more grateful.  I've been doing this for a couple of months now.  And my checking account has more money in it than it did when I started.  Much of it is "found" money.  For instance, this week I received an unexpected check in the mail for $221.00.  I didn't even recognize the payer, but apparently I responded to a letter some time ago having to do with a class action suit filed against someone I'd never heard of.  Apparently I was on their contact list.  Another example:  Two years ago I did some work for an old friend who has a very volatile personality.  I was on a monthly $1000 retainer doing part-time work for him.  In Oct. 2014 he got ticked off at me and stiffed me on the payment.  I never bugged him for payment, as I considered the relationship kaput.

    But, recently, after completing an online self-development course I was moved to contact him.  By text message.  I asked him if we could have a rational discussion about what happened two years ago.  I pointed out that he'd stiffed me $1000. A few days later he sent me a check:  not for $1,000, but for $2,000!

    After doing some meditation, and having just finished an online self-help webinar, I texted him

  • One time I imagined receiving $5,000.00 just to see what would happen. I let go and didn't think about it afterwards and then one day I went to purchase a new/used car, so I went to a car lot and used the car I had as a trade-in.

    I got a loan for the remainder of the price of the car of my choice and guess what- the loan was for $5,000! It didn't take me long to realize that I just manifested the money in a way I had not expected. In looking back, I needed to be more specific but I got what I needed vs something frivolous!

  • When I'm not expecting them. But have recently thought is would be nice if.....

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