How often should I visualise and say affirmations?

I've read a lot of law of attraction books but none of them are clear enough for me so I thought I'd ask here.


How often should I visualise the thing that I want,, and how often should I say affirmations with the purpose of feeling the feelings of having ones desire now?


Thank you for your time-


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  • if some body else can do for the mentally sick person....
    as in india we call it as GOOD WISHES....
    if we trully pray or send good wishes for sonebody .... he can come out of any illness....:)
    • @Reiki That sounds pretty good, there are some people I'm in a better position than and it'd be great if I could help change their luck. They don't believe in the LOA and all that jazz.


      @ART: Now every time I feel bad I just start showing some gratitude.

  • What Robin and Rekipowee said. You will come to the place where you will memorize your affirmations and you will be saying them throughout the day. If you're feeling bad, try to your best to feel good. I will go through a list of all things to be thankful for. Even the "neutral" things in my life are things I added to the gratitude list. Whenever you think about it, say (or think in your mind) an affirmation or two. 

  • Thank you both!

    Reikipowee How would one be able to see themselves as healthy if its a mental illness?


    @RobinWms Thanks for the reply, has this worked for you? And from whom exactly did you learn this from?

  • Hi Simontology,

    I hope that it is not too late to give you an answer.  Here are the steps to your question.  I study this type of material from the leading people in the industry and I hope it helps.

    1.  You should visualize the end result 3 times a day.  Morning after awakening, midday, and night before going to sleep.  Ensure that all the times are the same times everyday.

    2.  You should do the affirmations at the same time as your visualizations.

    3.  Meditation and vision boards will help you attract faster too. 

    4.  I read your reply below and if you do have an emotion illness, this is what I recommend.  Try your best to feel emotions while you meditate and state one of your affirmations out loud when you have reached the height of that feeling.  This is called Neural Linking and is very powerful because you are using neural pathways that already exists within your brain. 

    5.  Ensure you just take these actions everyday to include the actions you need to take to get to your goals.  Don't worry about doing it correct.  You will get better over time.  Hope this helps!



  • I appreciate your reply, but it doesn't really answer my question. I've an illness which stops me from feeling emotions other than when I "meditate" on something, its like affirmations but the emotion is held for a certain period of time.

    • mmhhmm
      1. chek ur words... try change them to positive
      2. emotions are felt at some moments not all time
      3. meditate any past BEAUTIFUL moment n slip in the new desire
      4. c urself in perfect health(when we feel ourself in gud health we automatically have gud feeling...:))
      5. can discuss more as per ur need ....:)
  • best is when ever u r happy n in gud feeling
    effortless manifestation....:))$
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