How to achieve one-pointed focus on one's goals?

I know my goals and I am pretty clear about what is right for me. But I am unable to feel passion and be focused on the goals. It could be because recently my biggest dream crashed. 


What can I do to get back the focus?

LOA clearly won't work without focus..



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  • @dimetravellergirl


    That makes sense :-)

    Taking it one day at a time and striving for happiness..



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  • Apologise for the late reply Loca.

    I can relate to your situation as I have experienced number of times.

    I can suggest that you read what others have done and try if it works for you (the method and try to modify the method to see if it helps you.

    You mentioned your biggest dream crashed right. Instead of thinking of your goals currently, try using LOA to acheive small results which brings a smile on you face. It may not be what u desire but it will help you feel slightly happy. keep doing this until you can focus on your goals.

    I am not sure if I am helpful to you. If i were you, i would enjoy go kart racing to get my adrenaline push, continue with other activites and then push myself to do things which I dont enjoy. This usually brings out feelings and pushes me to pursue my dreams.


    Read the threads and try it.


    all the best

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