How to maintain the happy joyous feeling?

Hi,I'm new to LOA. The thing is I'm applying the technique to a particular desire that I absolutely want to be manifested. I know that when we think about it we must feel good. So when I started this the first couple of days I was feeling exhilarated and so happy. But the day after that when I was trying to visualize the thought I felt that I wasn't feeling as happy as the day before. I was feeling almost neutral. In fact I was struggling to generate the feeling of joy but it seemed hard to do.What am I doing wrong. Please someone help me out.

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  • There is an Appreciation location on the main forum list page near the top.

  • This is really when I follow the rule of "Easy Does it." It is borrowed from a 13 step group.

  • Hello,

     I'm new here amdreally want to change my life. I have always been in a negative atmosphere from my childhood which carried over into adulthood. I'm really finding it difficult to constantly wanting and visualizing positive thoughts and feelings. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me grow into a positive way of living both in thoughts, feelings? I'm a generous person and love making people happy and I give of myself but I don't feel this is enough to be totally positive and happy all of the time.

  • Think positive about the things you already have and be greatful for all the things in your life now. The list is endless as so many things to be greatful for. Here are a few of mine. I'm greatful for my job my health my family and friends. My mobile phone the internet and the house I live in and the lights that let us see. Eyesight is Good my hearing is Good. All things your greatful for will bring more happy things in your life. Just ask once for what you want and visualise what ever it is you want then just feel happy and believe it will come. I want a big kitchen and lots of money so I think and picture what life would be like with my kitchen and money. Hope this helps.

  • Hey Pallav, that's normal. Don't focus too much on it and just try your best to be as happy as you can. You don't need to closely monitor it and soon it's come naturally to you. 

  • Hi ...
    To achieve your desire... need ask..believe...visualize and just leave it...
    If you get desperate...then you won't get it..
    For feeling good and positive...each day try writing or at least thinking about good things that happened to you...and be grateful about it...

    Being grateful helps you achieve many things....

    So key advice is ...don't think much and be grateful...
    All the best...
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