I am recently part of a project in office.The team lead is very pestering  due to which I am always under stress.I am unable to enjoy my normal office life.I am 24 hrs under pressure.

Even on weekends I keep thinking about work.

Its like I have no life.

One more thing is i already got the end date of this project as June 2015.Even If i personally tell my managers to release me, they are giving excuses and not listening.

So all i want is getting released from this project before this year end,and be a part of a project wherein I get to learn things and also be happy....

Please guide me how to manifest this dream....

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  • thanks alot for replying.But dont know why I am still not happy.and life is moving into negativity.my relationship,my career all is messed up.

  • Hello. Firstly, i recommend rewriting this but remove all the negative words and feeling.
    Secondly, believe, feel and know that you are a great team participant of this project by re-reading the altered text over and over.
    Thirdly, take a step back and see how you can change the way you are working. Research, take regular breaks and if need be, ask for help or advice from your colleagues or peers. Asking is a sign of strength.
    I know and believe you can do this. Embrace this experience by visualizing a great outcome.
    Best wishes,
    H x
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