How to use LOA?

Hi all!I am new here,and i want to know how to use the LOA.Can somebody tell me what i must do for a wish to come true?For example i realy want to find a girl,and start a relationship.What can i do,how do i begin?I am only 18 years old.P.S:Please explain in detail cuz my english knowledge is not that advanced.Thanks a lot.

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  • To begin with... if your name "The Seeker" is about you looking for your soul mate then you will never find her because you will always be seeking. Change that to "The Finder" because then you will be finding her.

    That is the basis of LOA right there... remember, what you think is your reality. If you think you are looking for her you are. If you think that you found her you have.

  • hi let me give you some sites to go check out and you can learn from there here is one you will find helpful with LOA Wealth Beyond you need to look into some sites that have the information you are looking for. is my advice
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