How to use the secret

If you believe your always be healthy and never get a serious illness and think positive then will you stay healthy a live a long healthy stress free life if you believe enough. Would that work and also if you believe your always have money then will you always be healthy and have wealth if you believe enough. Also last thing I'm worried all the shops and banks are closing due to people shopping online so how do we use the secret to stop things we don't like happening.

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  • You're welcome. I'd like to know how it goes for you. I am sure you will do very well.

  • Thank you for your reply it sounds good and I shall try that.
  • If you believe you will always be healthy, then you generally be healthy. I say generally because certain illness match certain vibrations. As long as you don't drop to that vibration, you will be healthy. That is the reason to always be grateful. The common cold is just below healthy. Spend a few minutes being grateful for anything and declaring your perfect health will knock it out in no time. I am speaking from experience. My colds might last a day.

    As far as stores closing, if you don't want them to close, don't focus on stores closing. Focus on a community of various businesses thriving. Or your business thriving. What would that look like? Focus on that. Be grateful for that now. Opportunities for these things can now start materializing as you think on these things. These things were already in existence. It was your thought shift that allowed for them to be seen.

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