I'm using LOA to get my husband back!

My husband and I very recently broke up and for the first couple of days I could nothing but cry. I then remembered that years ago someone had told me about the secret. I watched it on netfix and started to feel more positive right away. I am in a good position at the moment to use LOA to get my husband to come home, because I have realise that it truly was all my negativity that caused him to end our marriage. I drew the negativity to our relationship, which in turn then caused him to be negative towards me, and as I continually told him I thought he should leave expecting him not to, obviously LOA took over and saw that it was that that I wanted, but in fact it wasn't and as soon as he walked out of the door it was like the blinkers had been removed from my eyes and I could see all the issues I had caused with my negativity.  I love my husband with every inch of my being and I know we are or were perfectly in tune with one another as we would very regularly text and call each other at exactly the same time when we were in different towns and cities. I believe that I originally got with him through subconsciously using LOA. I now 100% that we are destined to be together, we ARE soul mates and l am convinced I can send out enough positive waves to get him to come back. We have been together for 4 and 1/2 years and EVERYONE is stunned that my husband has walked away from our marriage because we are such a perfect match and adore each other. Before he left he explained that he still loves me but his feelings towards me had changed and he thought it was best he left before we destroyed each other. We have still seen each other a couple of times as we need to deal with the issue of him seeing the children. The thing I need help with is that I find it difficult to be positive when I first wake up in the morning as it is when I feel at my lowest. I have started a gratitude journal and have written affirmations, as well as sending him love and light every time I see a picture of him. I can feel the positive vibes coming strongly out of me a times during the day, but at other times negativity and fear creeps in and I need to find a way to counter act this. I am finding these forums such a positive place for me to be at present and I am so grateful I found them. I would love to here any advice or experiences that people have had, that they could share with me.

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    • Had I real surge of good emotional energy today, so much so I could feel it fluttering inside me. I took myself out of the way and visualised. My husband has just been around to the house to see the kids and when he left he was almost crying as he isn't handling our break up very well. He spent his whole time here talking to me, and let me hug him before he left. I am sooo keeping this up xx

  • Thanks so much Sheila xx
  • I am not going to go all in to my life story but lets say I know what your going through. Try putting a few pictures of you around the house and when you pass by them send love and good wishes to yourself. When you affirm to yourself that you deserve the best, and you deserve to be happy and are worthy of, good things then you attract to you what will bring you the love and happiness you deserve. I will light a candle for you and send good wishes and blessings ...

  • Thank you for reply and advice ALL GOOD,

    Well as I sit and learn more and more about the universal laws the more positive I feel. Sat this morning listening to more and my phone just beeped with a message from my husband sending me and the children love, and apologising for the hurt he has caused. I give myself a few mins and then was almost told what to reply! I sent him love and told him I wish him happiness. Its a start feeling really hopeful xx

    Love, light and gratitude to everyone x


  • Hi yes these forums are a huge help and they have helped me immensely. I'm very impressed with your progress so far. You are definitely on the right track. I can certainly relate to the few negetive feelings creeping in now and then but thankfully they are becoming less frequent. . . I feel you are making huge strides already but you just need to eliminate the "want". Once you do that you will be so enlightened and I just know its just a matter of time before you both are in a reunion. . .

    Be sure to update us and me lol.


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