I think I make it!! at least the first step!!

well, I am new here since I also have a powerful intension, about the love.

I read the book and watched the film and the video, I write down the things I want and think I am receiving it.

But the teacher is right, there is always the times that you cant believe you can get it. I also felt depressed and feared, and nearly collapsed this noon, while in lunch.

at that second, I felt that the things the person I want left me far, then I back to the office, closed my eyes and imagined that I jumpled from a high mountain, with a glider, I glide the mountain, the sky, the beautiful forest, the animals in the trees, then I saw the ocean, that wide blue ocean, I felt the breese on my face, the sepcial smell in the wind from the sea.

When I wake up, I felt energy again, although not so strong, but yes it come back!! I start to believe again that I can get the nice things, the person I want.

I think I love this, and thanks the god, the universal still give me the hope, the power.

I wish this experience with all of you, and hope listen your voices.

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  • Sometimes we 'think' we're ready for our desired miracles.....but realize later that we are also hindering our good from comming to us. The good news is that we can be sure that we are not only hoping, but living and doing 'in faith' what we should be doing to bring it forth into our experience!! Amen. STOP BY...LISTEN WITH LOVE.....JOIN THE DISCUSSION!!!>>>CLICK HERE!!

    For Encouragement, Comfort & Inspiration,

    The Mystery....Within....

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