im stuck!!

hi im vijeth..i completed my Bachelors degree n now pursuing Masters of tech degree m in 1st yr,im stuck with this teacher,who is damn lethargic,i knew he was frustrating frm the very 1st day,i would always get -ve vibes just standing around him..His dad is the head of our clg,so he gets the authority to do wtever he likes(eg:askin his students to bribe him for marks,doin all his bank works etc)..

he asked me to get the DD frm the bank n i denied.frm tat day he s targettin me,i e1 shouted at him for nt signing my seminar report n him carelessly accusing tat i was lying bout my dad's health for which i asked him to sign soon so tat i could take my dad to big city for treatment....

Nw my frnz r all accusing me for shouting at him,for he s troubling them as well in showing the scores of recent test coz of me!!

This coming monday i gotta meet him one on one to get my seminar report signed..m gettin this bad feeling tat he wont sign my report n ll gv me less marks in the test which i gave recently e1 aftr i ask apology to him,cz i know him!!he mi8 ask me to pay some money as compensation,if i do that till i complt my course he ll b asking money n ll ask to do all his work!!

i e1 got exams from 5th-18th of jan 2012,m facing difficulty to study cz of this...

m a big fan of "Law of Attraction" dono y,m worryin too much n nt able to figure the way out frm this!!

Plz somebody help me...: (

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  • Hi

    Try to reset your energy.  If he is difficult- you dont have to be.  Imagine the GOOD things- see him signing your report... if you imagine him NOT signing- that is what the universe will bring you.

    Everyone has something to teach us- even if we dont like the lesson.  Appreciate the lesson- even if it is not academic- that this professor is bringing... and be positive... have positive energy and focus on the true end game.. 

    Once you reset your energy- you should be able to focus on the other things. dont let one man control you..


    • im so happy to tell u tat i ws visualizing over n over again tat my sir ws signing my reports i ws also focusing on his good side,n i ws thanking the universe for getting my reports signed daily,this visualization n gratitude technique works so well......n guess wt yesterday wit no prblm without speaking a single word he signed them.....n he did correct my test book in front of me n awarded me 40/50 i thought he wd award me below 35,to my surprise he gave me 4mrks grace!!!........ im totally stunned by his actions.....this is the very best example of LOA in action,and it really really works n its so powerful.....thank u Layla for ur advice......thank u so much........god bless u.....

  • plz help somebody.......plzzzz

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