Hi there, I'm really glad to have found the forum and excited to interact with other like minded people.

I have been working on my own goals recently. One of my dreams that I am turning into a reality is buying my own house for the first time. Would love to hear what dreams other people are pursuing.

Looking forward to the shared inspiration

With Love and sunshine always,

Katy x


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  • Im so greatfull because all of my dreams have come true, so right now the dream that I am turning into a reality is to find my soulmate and I know that it is coming
  • HI,

    yeah may be I ma your twin soul and our paths and dreams are same. I joined this group in a  hope to always be cheerful, to stand for my dream and to turn all the impossibilities into yes it is possible. I listen to my soul which guides me and thats why despite of all odds and push from my family; I am standing on one side with a dream to live for with faith from all of my heart on God and Universe. i am seeking assistance from this divine energy to help me and make this dream come true. Ameen :)

  • Hi,

    I am so happy to hear that you are manifesting a house. I wish you loads of happiness and abundance with your dream coming true. I am going to fulfill my biggest dream; my marriage with my love, my best friend and my soul mate. We are in relationship with each other since 2.5 years and things are lovely and amazing. My life is beautiful and blessed. I am working with all of my strength,  with all of my faith and all of my power to make my dream come true. I know I am going to get married with in 40 days and I know  I am going to send our wedding invitation soon to all of you. I am so blessed that I exist on this planet Earth and Good Lord has given me a dream to stand for, to live for and have faith for :)

  • This is amazing! I am so very proud of you, as you will be helping so many other people, by turning a challenge into a positive! That is true strength! That is true courage! And that is fulfilling your life’s purpose, wow! Good on you!

    I was reading yesterday about how depression and mental illness can be cured by changing the thoughts that we tell ourselves. so imagining that we are our own legal team, and when ever a thought comes into our brain questioning it, and saying, is this really so? asking our brain to give us the real facts, as when we are depressed we are almost magnifying and telling lies to our brain about what the real facts are, for example thinking that we are a failure when if we look at the real facts we are probably really high achievers that just require a rest, and then to carry on when we are rested. Please let me know how you get on with writing the first chapter, there is no time like now to start! And it will be so valuable, to others, to see that they are not the only ones alone suffering, and that there is a way out of mental illness. Thank you so much for replying to this post and you WILL get there, step by step! Lots of love to you, Katy x

  • Hello Katy!

    At this very moment I am using visualisations to kick the crap out of my mental illness and once I'm done I plan on writing a book involving mental illness because books from a schizophrenic's point of view are pretty rare.


    How often are visualising your perfect house?

  • Hi Lace, so glad it inspired you:)

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