It's time for a SECRET REVIVAL!!!

Remember when you first saw The Secret and learned more about the Law of Attraction? Did some things totally take off for you? How about little miracles showing up? My 2 year-old daughter manifested some crab legs almost out of thin air in a total of 3 hours!!! (NO LIE!!)

She said she wanted to eat crab legs, (I had NEVER fed her crab legs before,,, I honestly don't think we ever even discussed eating the legs off crabs, and we didn't have cable TV for her to learn about it through commercials!)

I told her I'd see what I could do thinking maybe I'd take us out to eat in the next couple of days, and blew it off.

About 3 hours later, an old friend showed up at our door out of nowhere, un-announced. We talked, laughed, and caught up... and she says, "Hey, I have some left over crab legs, would you all like to eat some with me?"

I smiled that perma-grin smile that you get when you KNOW the Universe is playing with you in Life, looked at my beautiful toddler, then back to my friend and replied, "Yes... Oh yes... Yes, we'd love to eat some crablegs with you!" :)

So, we ate, laughed, and I told her about the movie and we watched it again :)

What's one of your stories? Share it with us here. Let's start a SECRET REVIVAL amongst us!

In Great Joy!!


The Underground Yogini

PS.. My daughter is now almost 7 and hasn't eaten crab since! :)

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  • Kids are great at it.

    I've been visualising for stuff for years, even before I read the secret. I used to get my daughter to do it when she was in her pushchair - I used to tell her to 'count' for things so that they appear. One day we went to the restaurant and we ordered our meal - I usually don't start counting until I believe it will be nearly ready, not wanting to manifest a microwaved meal! But after only few minutes of ordering our meals my daughter (then about four) said that she was hungry and was going to count for her dinner. I told her not to - thinking there was no way it would be ready and did not want to spoil her faith,  but she ignored me. When she got to twenty (the number she chose) the waitress came over with her meal and said that she thought she'd bring her dinner up early! And the rest of us had to wait for ours!  It really made me smile!


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