• 11:37am - I listened to a religious song. I also read one psalm from the bible psalm 14. I am taking lots of action.

    • 11:48 - I read the Bible for 10 mins, more action more success.

  • Okay, I took my walk outside. The temperature is good, not too cold. I enjoyed the whole walk.

    • - 10:35am So I prayed to God asking for freedom. I also went in front of the mirror and affirmed that I wanted freedom from this issue.

    • I am moving towards freedom, freedom is coming, I am more and more free

  • I am starting to feel good. Haven't taken my walks yet. I am going now

  • I listened again to psalm 45. I also listened to psalm 84 and psalm 78. I am going to take a walk now.

  • I am listening to psalm 45 right now to achieve my goal

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