Law of attraction to fix damaged marriage

I need some kind words and support. My husband has told me he wants a divorce. He says things are beyond repair. Has anyone been able to heal a broken relationship using LOA? We have a small child and I do love my husband very much.

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  • Good luck to both of you ladies (Missy1234 and Jazzy's Mom).  I myself am in the same bf of over 5 years ended it about 8 weeks ago.  I'm hurting but I'm hopeful I can attract him back.  I'll have to do as Empowered1 suggests and make a list of things I like about people and the other tips suggested.

  • Thank you Jazzy Mom! I hope the same for you!
  • Missy, Im sorry you are going through that. My boyfriend just broke up with me too, and said our relationship is beyond repair and he just wants to be happy and wants me to be happy. So I just want to say, I wish you the best of luck in healing your relationship and turning things around to make it work. =)

  • Thank you so much! I was really upset this morning and was praying as I was driving to the grocery store. On my way home I suddenly felt this wave of calmness wash over me. I know that things will be ok! Thank you for your help!
    • Ah ha!  I see you've found a great emotional disc to be on for yourself.


  • Well that's a great place to start.  "I want to feel good!"

    Here's one more that I find is a favorite of mine on the spot, the "Wouldn't it be nice if" game.  It's fun to do with other people who are worried or bothered by something.  The fun part is watching their faces when they start smiling at the idea's you and they come up with.  I always tell them it's a game before and that it's intended to make us feel a little better. 

    So for example your brother says "My co workers are not carrying their load at work, I have so much to get done, my boss is always yelling at me, wanting more work done and the "X" department at work is never available when I need them.

    So you say, "Wouldn't it be nice if everyone began carrying their load at work.  Or wouldn't it be nice if that one guy that is kind of nice but super slow got transferred to another department."  "Wouldn't it be nice if your boss came to you and said, I'm taking the "B" account, or the wacha-ma-call-it project off your plate and giving it to Joe."  "Wouldn't it be nice if the "X" department came around once a day and asked me directly if I needed anything."

    And with kids you can get a little grander or more imaginary, larger than life, magical kind of wouldn't it be nice stuff.  "Wouldn't it be nice if we could take a vacation to the moon."  "Wouldn't it be nice if we won a million dollars."  And then that can turn into a game of what you would spend it on.

    And playing it aloud by yourself can be fun too because it's the feeling of what would it feel like to be, do or have the things that you want to have that you are going for.  Because in order to bring it to you, you have to feel it first.  So if you feel "I don't have enough money" all the time as you worry about it (this is what's been stuck in my craw:) and talk about not having enough money all the time, then you don't have enough money. 

    In order to bring money to you you have to feel what it feels like to have money first. 

    Oh I'm going on and on.  Abraham-Hicks book "The Law of Attraction" has a Processes section where they list these and other processes that are great to know.  Recently they are teaching what are being hailed as short cut processes because they are saying just get to a really good feeling and then do the activity or have the conversation. 

    One is "Go general."  Don't think specifically about the thing(s) that is bothering you.  When you think about your husband, think about something he does well that doesn't get you emotional.  Like "he cuts the grass so well" or "is really good with math."

    Another is grid work.  So imagine a grid or foundation, really a pre foundation.  You know those three D kind of drawings of grids where they sort of rotate them in the air or it looks like they rotate the camera angle around the object? 

    Picture that if that makes sense:)  Anyway, think of the cross sections and think of two words that make up the base of the grid, but these are your foundational words of what you are or what the subject at hand is.  So you are fun and happy or the subject at hand is abundant and ease.  You can have more than two words but the point is to feel them.  I did for months a grid of "steady, stable, sure and secure."  It got to the point that I was sort of chanting these words as I walked to the bus stop or walked around the block or in the car I would say them aloud.  Doodle them on pieces of paper. 

    And the new Abraham-Hicks favorite is "Get on a high flying disc."  Start your day reaching for a really good feeling and then try to stay there as long as you can.  At first it will only last a short time and then you'll think about that thing that is bothering you, but the more you practice this, the more you can stay there.

    Oh out of time.

    Listen to any recent abe.  Website has a ton of stuff and people on the abe section here share a ton of stuff too. 

    Esther did a grid of just the word fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.  I guess that's fun X fun!

    How fun!

  • Thank you so much! That sounds like a wonderful practice. I have found that so many negative things have been going on I neglect to focus on the good things. Really I want to feel good again.
  • Well I can't say I've healed a broken relationship but I did change the way someone was treating me with one of Abraham-Hicks processes, the bopa or "book of positive aspects."   It's based on the premise that you can have attracted a multitude of things going wrong (probably by focusing on one thing going wrong) and if you can focus on even just one thing going right in your life or one thing that feels good, the other things have to line up.  You understand of course that he has his own vibration going on and the momentum of the divorce thoughts he's had also comes into play.  So the timing of things and the end results may not be exactly as you think you are wanting right now, but they will be good if you can focus on good.

    Don't try to make a list of positive aspects when you are feeling bad.  It doesn't work then.  Pick a person or a topic.  Not necessarily him.  And write out as many things about them/him that you enjoy that you can think of.  Fill one page and try to find 4 other subjects or people that you can make a list of their positive aspects too.

    I did this with one person and I could only come up with 3 things about them that I really believed that I admired or enjoyed about them.  "Humor, wit and intellect."  I wrote those things down for several days at a time.  I wrote them when I was feeling good.  I wrote them when I was feeling eager.  I believed them as I wrote them.  Eventually I found a few more things I liked about them.  This person was making my life miserable but as soon as I started writing out the lists, they stopped.  Even they seemed to be scratching their heads, not certain as to why they had stopped. 

    And since you probably enjoy being with your husband, I bet you can think of many more than 3 things you like about him.  Do this for 15 minutes each morning, preferably after a 10-15 minute meditation if you can.

    And then get on with your day, knowing the Universe must yield to you that which you ask for.  Try not to think about it or to focus on it for too much.

    Sorry it's late and I am exhausted.  Give it a try.  You can go to their webpage for more information. 

    Good focusing:)

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