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Issues with Money!

I haven't been on here in so long. I haven't been this motivated to change my life in this long too. Last time my isssue was men now its money. I find myself not having enough of it to support my family. I am the oldest of three girls and I support m

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LOA and Simplicity?

Okay so I've read both The Secret and The Power and although I've gotten some AMAZING and EYE-OPENING tips and all, I still find this whole LOA thing very complicated.

I was just wondering if there's a simple process to attract something or whatever.

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May i get some help.

Hi.I am YongJun from Singapore.This is what i been doing till now from 13 June 2009 after i watched the secret and read about it.I set up a visualization board what is told in the video,i paste pictures of what i want to achieve in my life.I believe

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Please Help!

Thank you everyone for opening this post. Im in need of desperate help and am hoping someone can give me some good advice. Here is my story....My boyfriend recently broke up with me and it has been very hard. I know everyone goes through it but I liv

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