Hey Everyone, 

I just wanted to see if anyone could give me any pointers on meditation. I've always been skeptical about it but I never tried it. But that was the old me, the new me wants to jump into it and meditate away. So how do I start? 



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  • This download is AWESOME!
  • Thanks Trish I'll check it out now.

    Go to the link above...there is a free 15-minute download. It was very powerful for me, and I suck at meditation. I literally just got rid of a resp. infection in 15 minutes (that's what I set as my intent before the meditation).
  • Thanks Mike, I appreciate it.
    • No problem.
  • Thanks Lisa :)
    • Your welcome Mazaklavrr. I hope our suggestions help.
  • Spence:

    There are a number of resources out there (Lisa's suggestion is one that I have heard good things about). Meditation is a process to learn and it is slightly different for everyone. You may want to look into guided meditations whether it is in person (some local gyms have classes in this) or through some type of audio (there are lots of CD sets that will take you through steps). You will most likely need to start out small and learn to calm your mind before you attempt to delve into advanced meditation. A book that I read, "The Tibetan Book of Meditation" is a great one and is actually written by a Buddhist Lama. Step by step it takes you through more and more advanced meditations and gives you an explanation as to the benefits of each.

  • I loved the book, "Meditation for Dummies". Remaining ideas include the "guided meditations" offered at places like Audible and Amazon. My first favorite was: ( I liked the one called "Discover Your Inner Guide" at the bottom right.

    Here's to meditation and a calm peaceful mind.
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