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I was just added to this group today and thought I would write an introduction.

I knew about the laws of attraction and had read the Celestine Prophecy about two years ago but had not read the Secret. 

I had a huge blowout with my boyfriend and walked out on the relationship around 1/21. He has not responded to a series of emails I have written him but my gut feeling tells me he will, soon. I was really angry, depressed, and at a loss. I have friends who are psychic and tarot readers who told me he will come back but I was still upset. 

I happened to google relationship advice when I came across the Secret. I felt that I had nothing to lose and came across the Secret website on people writing testimonials about relationships. I felt that I had hit rock bottom and got an e-copy of the Secret from Amazon and started reading it. I skipped the portion on money and health but read the other parts, especially the relationship section. As soon as I finished that section, I felt a feeling of loving warmth surrounding me and an unbelievable joy! I knew and felt my boyfriend coming back to me and my anger and negative feelings went away. In its place, I was just grateful for everything. I felt even more psychically connected to my boyfriend and I could actually wish him feelings of love and even gratitude for having been with me and also know we still have a chance at a great future together! This was Sunday night. 

Shortly after, my friend, the psychic reader, got upset at me saying she was tired of my venting and rehashing negative events with my boyfriend and how she does not want to discuss him anymore. My gut feeling told me I should stop talking to her. I also came to realize that he was not contacting me because I was sitting there complaining that he was not contacting me - duh! The Secret is about positive visualization. By having discussed the refusal to communicate, I was making that in reality. Huge mistake. I also knew I did not need to talk to her any more since I knew what my future was going to be.

Monday afternoon, I had to go to traffic court. As you can imagine, parking around the court is really bad. I suspected my appointment will take more than 3 hours. There were only 2 hours spots and most of them were taken. I used the Secret and asked the universe to guide me. I was glowing from my gratitude prayer all day long. I was able to find a 10 hour parking spot that was open - total rarity - since there were only about 5 of those spots on the entire block and every other parking spot was taken! I was able to park my car without worrying about having an expired meter which would lead to a $65 dollar parking ticket AND my traffic fines were manageable - just exactly what I had envisioned with reasonable monthly installments. Although I would have wished it to be dismissed, my other alternative was the monthly installments.

Ever since... Sunday night, I am calm, happy, and grateful for everything in life. Since the boyfriend and I are technically broken up, I should feel really sad and depressed but I do not. Instead, I feel an ever flowing source of love. I am no longer angry or upset and I understand my boyfriend. My visions and empathic abilities are so clear I can feel my boyfriend. I asked the universe to help him heal and envisioned us in a loving, healthy relationship. I feel a healthy connection where my gut tells me he will return soon and how he loves me. I also made vision boards on Pinterest with positive messages - one for me, personally, and one for our relationship. I have Pinterest on my phone and open the app whenever I have time and I just pin more positive messages while thanking the universe and God.

I am so blessed to have discovered this new way of thinking. I am hoping I can receive support from the community since my friends do not know about the Secret and think I am acting funny. The psychic reader friend and I have decided to take a break from the friendship. I realized she cared for me a lot but she kept voicing her disappointment and frustration which fueled my anger and anxiety causing me to send negative vibes into the universe.

Thank you to everyone who is a member of this forum. I really enjoy reading the other posts and look forward to being an active participant. I also look forward to becoming a better practitioner of the Secret. Blessings and love!

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  • So how things go Ambrosia? I'm actually in the same boat too... it has been a month that i broke up with him

  • Let me know how things turned out for you i am on the same journey and it has been 3 weeks i ask the universe for signs but they confusing me especially when the guy acts like he doesnt care...i let him go though and no longer talk to anyone about it just pray and meditate so i can always remain in the vortex.
  • Your attitude sounds great!

  • Hi...All the best and do let us know when your wish is granted...I am sure it will soon...thanks for sharing your story...:)

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  • hey...did you get my message....i would love to talk to you and how you can help me...

  • WoW....let me know how it turns out....I'm in the same boat...but I can't or I'm not ready to have him back yet cuz I"m so so mad at him still but for some reason I can't let go but I do want my ex bk of luck...keep me posted

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