need your help ,friends-Thanks


I am goin to write my medical exams (USMLEs) in the end of November,2012.So like everyone else,I have to register for it on this month.Also ,I have many other exams coming up once I  finish  this one,but I am intersted in taking them ,all. I have myself as a study partner and I am happy and grateful for that .I am a firm beliver of the LOA (still needs improvement!!).But sometimes,some unwanted blocks and hurdles come across and I totally spiral down which causes my confidence in my exams which is also aggravated by negative ppl or negative situations (cost me a lot!) .Some of  thes hurdles ,I can pass through fine and some which are diffiicult as I have unforgettable ,bad memories of them.Even as I think of them ,tears come in eyes even after so many years . I try to erase them out but it still needs some improvement from my part .My goal is to get a 230 or something better for my step 1 .


  Would appreciate if u,friends could help me with ur suggestions or tips to help me manifest my goal.Otherwise,I am grateful for everyon and everything in this Universe as we are Blessed to have the lives we have .....

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  •  Wow !!its so awesome to see another colleague here and i am so ever  Blessed to have one who belives the LOA.

    Thank you so muchhhhh...u bascially made me feel more confident and I  really hope and pray that u will the score u desired and ur residency  ...definitely u will:)


    regards and best wishes,

    ur friend ,





    • You're most welcome and thank you!

      Keep believing :)

  • Hi Elaine,

    Thank you so much ,for helping me OUT  and sharing your advice.I ,totally respect and admire you  for the courage and bravery ,you have within you. May God Bless you.

                      You are so rt about the being the nice girl bit ,the fear of success or failure which cost me,alot .I do try to run away from my fears and pain ,didnt want to go through the pain anymore.

                    I will definitely use ur advice.

    Regards and best wishes,

    ur friend,


    • Hi, Grateful,

      I am grateful for you!  Please keep me posted on your progress.

      God's blessings and love,


  • And for the sake of inspiration, listen to this - it will pump you up for your step 1 prep:





    • thank you,thank you ,thank you  and cant thank you enugh :))))))...............


  • Dear Grateful,

    Wow. I got goosebumps reading this! I am also sitting for my boards in October, too!
    I know exactly how you feel, I really, really do - I've been on this anxiety rollercoaster for the last 4 months worrying over the boards. And I also know how capable you are of overcoming those doubts and fears, because I have too! (I have for the most part, at least and I say this because as much as I'd like to think I mastered my thoughts and my brain is no longer on pessimistic-auto pilot, every now and then a demon comes out that I need to beat to the ground with a few tools that I will share with you at the end of this post). It's a constant struggle, I know, worrying over the future and over the grade, especially that this grade will determine the rest of out medical careers... what will it be? what if I mess up? what if I don't get the residency I want? STOP right there! Those thoughts, right there. Throw them out the window now, I just did a few days ago myself! No more stressing, no more anxiety, no more thinking of the outcome. I've been hammered by all the students in the year ahead of me with thoughts of how scary and terrible the USMLEs are, how exhausting and how slim the chances of getting a residency are! And if you ask them for proof they gladly present it to you. Of course! They built their whole medical careers based on those negative beliefs! LOA was perfectly working for them!

    Before you do anything, stop and change your perspective - stop thinking of this exam as a terrifying experience. Yes, this exam is important, it is so important, which is why you need to love it and bless it with all your heart. A lovely member on this forum told me to send infinite love to the exam, the wanted grade, and the unwanted grade. Release the fear. This exam will challenge you, yes, but it will only do so to change you to a much better and stronger person. It is simply a milestone on your path to becoming a great doctor. Do not be afraid of an exam that will open the gateway to infinite great experiences ahead. Love this exam with all your heart because it will bring you the residency you want. I don't have a study partner either, all the better! Who wants to study with someone who can, at any moment, infect your thoughts with negativity? I made a terrible mistake studying with a friend the first few months of my step preparation, he was the most pessimistic soul I've ever met and I honestly wasted so much valuable time trying to change his beliefs, in the end his negativity rubbed off on me and had me doubting myself for weeks! I eventually summoned up the courage to tell him I need space and I want to do this on my own. I changed my thoughts and guess what? LOA worked for me and actually drove the guy himself to break our friendship! GREAT RELIEF! So the minute you start shifting your thoughts the negative people will disappear with the negative beliefs, I promise you!

    Release the doubt. Release the anxiety. Let it go. All your past mistakes and failures, thank them and then let them go. Thank them because they led you here, and "here" is the most perfect place for you to be! Release any self-limiting belief you have of yourself and your ability, do it for YOU, not for the grade. Study for YOU, for your future PATIENTS, not for the grade. Love what you study and what you do, and everything else will fall into place, including the grade.

    Grateful, you will not believe how much negativity I used to have about this exam. Doubts, fears, anxieties. It wasn't until a few days ago that I decided to stop obsessing over the grade and I felt immediate peace of mind and happiness. I've never been this open and happy to study for the boards before. Detach from the outcome and it will come to you. I know it is easier said than done but the beauty of knowing LOA is what makes it so much fun. Think about it, you're at a greater advantage compared to other medical students who don't know about LOA! God gave you the tools and the knowledge to manifest exactly what you want, so use the LOA and feel good, feel safe, and believe all will be well. Don't study with a "I must do this attitude" - this will be exhausting for you. You will study for hours and only cover a few pages. Study with passion, clarity, peace, and enthusiasm (IOW with inspired action). And you can only do this by detaching from the outcome. You said you want a 230, then great!! You made your wish, the universe has heard it, now receive it. Study and act like someone who scored a 230 on their Step 1. Ask yourself this, if I know for a fact I will never fail and I will get my 230, how would I act? To me, for example, I'd be happy, relaxed, peaceful, my mind will not be anxious hence I absorb information and recall it quickly, I'll study better and longer and ENJOY everything I am studying. I also tell myself that I am not studying for a grade, my grade is already waiting for me in a few weeks time and my residency is already secured for me in a few year's time, I am studying for MYSELF and my PATIENTS. I am studying so that I can be the best doctor I can ever be.


    I know it is easier said than done but I believe with all my heart you CAN DO THIS!
    Here are a few tools that I know will help you:

    (1) Affirmations
    (2) Gratitude: every night, thank God or the universe, whichever you choose, for your 230. Don't pray for your 230 because you already did that, your rocket of desire has already been launched, now give THANKS for your 230 (this way you are affirming to the universe that your wish is in the process of being manifested)

    (3) Visualize: everyday for a few minutes close your eyes and imagine the day you receive your grades. And see it written clearly 230. Feel the feelings of attaining your 230. And I say your 230 because it is already YOURS. Be happy, dance, see your reaction to knowing your grade. Who is with you? What are you wearing? Where are you? Who will you celebrate your victory with? Amplify the colors and sounds and LIVE IT, truly live it. "If you've been there in the mind, you'll go there in the body" - Dr. Denis Waitley
    (4) EFT. I don't know why almost everyone I talked to about EFT had a negative reaction. I've tried inviting a few people to try using EFT to let go of their fears/anxieties but for some reason they almost always responded to me negatively. I am still puzzled because honestly it is the most effective tool I've ever tried. But to each his own I guess. So if you don't already know it, try it. It honestly helped me greatly, and I am talking about full blown panic attacks and deep seated relationship issues, heavy, heavy stuff cured in a few sessions!

    Here's a few EFT links you may want to have a look at.


    All the best my friend!
    I will be visualizing both of us, on the day our results will be released, enjoying our victory and celebrating this great pre-destined moment.


    Much love



  • Hi, Grateful,

    I didn't go to college, but I can relate to allowing negative people and circumstances influence my outcomes. I used to give my power away to everyone.  I thought I was being the "nice girl" and I never wanted to make waves or get in trouble or make mistakes.  This is a meager existence to say the least.

    Now, I have learned to see the world as a mirror.  No one can truly hurt me (I am spirit, not a body, so not even physically).  When something or someone triggers a negative emotion then I take it as an opportunity to get in touch with my own pain.  Avoiding pain and sadness only creates more circumstances for it to manifest.  We must acknowledge it and BE with it to transform it.  I trust the Holy Spirit to undo the consequences of my wrong decisions.  After, I created all my circumstances and so I can change them.  Pretty great, huh?

    I was a basketball player and boy did I struggle with confidence at times.  I was pretty good and had a ton of potential but my fear of failure and fear of success kept me back.

    All of the "bad memories" can be transformed as well and will be.  LOA isn't about creating all the good stuff only.  We must acknowledge our responsibility to create it all, even the parts that suck.  

    I've experienced plenty of trauma through out my life.  It sucked big time.  My parents divorced when I was 2.  My husband was killed in a car accident after 23 years of marriage and I still 3 children at home, a son who was 5.  I then married a minister who turned out to be abusive and so I left him.  Just to name a few.  I understand creating a lot of crappy stuff.

    The thing is, that the most difficult people and experiences have also been my greatest growth experiences.  The greatest opportunities to forgive have helped me to grow the most.  When we learn to love ourselves then others will feel the love and we can all heal together.

    I had to clear a lot of guilt, sadness and anger.  I still am.  I use EFT/Tapping.  It is helpful for clearing negativity. I haven't done it alone, though.  

    Trust me, you are whole, perfect and complete in God's eyes.  

    God's blessings and love,


    "Light is unlimited...and spreads across the world in quiet joy."  ...

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