Negative energies

Hi everyone,Ok so I find myself this evening feling quite negatively about my current financial situation. Usually I don't let money bother me. Somehow things always without fail work out for me. But tonight I find myself begrudging and moody. I am never ever like this.So I sat and thought about my day-My daughter who is sixteen and I usually have to battle with each morning to get her out to school, got up on around the third call, went to school and had a great day which in turn made me feel stress free and happy.I went to my car at 6:30 and it started right away.I was at work and was kept so bustbusy that my day was over and I was on my way to pick my daughter up in what seemed like the blink of an eye.I picked my girlfriend up from work and went to her place for coffee and taljed a while which was lovely.I talked to my friend on the phone for an hour and laughed constantly.Then I talked to another friend. He complained from the time I said hello to the time I said goodbye. I think his negativity rubbed off on me somehow. He drained the happiness from me. He has a pretty sad life. No job or anything and no money but in the ten years I've known him he has never looked for work just lives off welfare. He hates his situation but refuses to change itSo my question is this... so I need to cut him out of my life or is there a way for me to shield myself from his negative energy?

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  • Thank you for both your imput. I appreciate it.
  • I say make a list of positive aspects about your friend. Only write down those you truly believe. Add to this list daily. It's and Abraham-Hicks process.
  • The best thing you can do is surround yourself with positive people and get rid of the negative ones if people start talking negatively move away from them and separate yourself that will help you an awful lot
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