Problems with visualising

Hi! I'm new to all this and I have a question about how visualizing is supposed to work. Say that I want to be attractive and have lots of freinds. How do I visualize that, if I don't know what that's like? I haven't got a clue what that would feel like, how I would behave and so on(I am currently pretty far from attractive).Or say that I want to become a millionaire(I don't btw), how do I see myself as a millionaire, if I don't know how that would be and feel like? 
I mean, it's easy to say "I am Casanova", but how can you be more specific in your goal-making if you don't have any experience?

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  • The affirmation advice sounds great! Also be grateful for what you already have and love yourself. It really is an attitude. Happiness is a choice and others will see this. "Do what makes you feel good and keep doing that."
  • Ok, thank you for your answers. Mike: I actually visualised those exact images (the cell phone, the people flirting with me) yesterday, before you suggested them! Then I got unsure if I was doing it right... but now I will continue with those visualisations! Thanks!
    • You were right-on. Keep going and make sure to bring those emotions out (it may be hard at first, that's okay, it gets easier as you keep doing this, just don't quit).
  • Kalle:

    One of the best ways to manifest is to observe those who are what you want to be, even if that is to read about them, watch them from a distance, or if you can, develop a friendship or mentoring situation. You may not be able to picture in your head what it will be like and that's okay, the important thing is to feel the feelings that you will when it happens.

    In the case of attractiveness, imagine yourself getting the flirtations from people as they flock to you and follow you in hopes of being noticed. In the case of friends, imagine your cell phone constantly ringing with text messages and phone calls from people who want to be around you (although that can be a double edged sword, I've had to shut my phone off at times).

    Tat is right on about affirmations, they are a powerful tool that the most successful people have used for literally thousands of years. The two most important times in a day to review your affirmations are when you first wake up and when you are about to go to sleep. This is when your brainwaves are in Theta and you have the most direct contact with your subconscious mind. Training your subconscious is the key to manifestation.

  • Hey Tat, Good to see you. I used to be a member over here in this forum but got flooded with commercial ad that I had to get out. I'm back to test the waters. Good to see you.

    Great idea on visualizing !...J
  • Affirmations I find are really good for this if you're having problems visualizing. I was like you before and had a hard time visualizing, so what I did was make my affirmations in big bold letters and scattered them throughout the house. I repeated them about 20x at least per day, also used them as a password on my computer. Even though I didn't really believe my affirmations at all in the beginning, they do say that the mind will respond to something if it hears it enough, and so you become what you believe. Try this and see if it works but be patient and give it time. Patience is often what is needed, well that and faith I think.

    Anyway good luck to you.
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