Reading good books or watching good movies matter?

I had this question since few days.If a person reads a fiction book with plenty negative scenarios like killings etc...the way it is in all suspense or thriller books ...would he/she unknowingly attract negative events??Should we read more often positive or books depicting more happy feelings?Same applies to movies...I Would be really grateful to hear from you all,what you all think about this?

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  • Thank you so much for your replies ☺️
  • I agree, if it makes you feel good and Powerful do it!! I like listening to extreme Metal, which some people my think is evil or Satan worship, but to me it makes me feel powerful and ready to take on the world!! I have stopped watching so much of the news, though,  all the news of daily killings and shooting is depressing!!

  • No I don't think so because doing the things you enjoy would be a positive good feeling. I love a good book or to watch the soaps. If the bed news is not real and just acting then it's different.

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