Hi there,

I am needing some assistance with a relationship. He left me three weeks ago, he says he doesn't love me the same anymore and so on. To be honest, we were so in love, everything was not perfect but it was as perfect as it could be. But, I truly know that he does still love me and trust me, something is telling me that it's not permanent so no matter what is said or done I have this gut feeling we are really meant to be together and I have never had this feeling before.

Even before reading the secret I knew this, and after reading I became even more sure that things would work between us. No matter what kind of hurtful things he says, it feels like I don't let it hurt me because I know deep down he knows it's not true. I am trying my absolute best to stay positive and keep myself busy while also appreciating him for him and also doing things I love to do and being kind to myself.

He says he will be coming around tonight after three weeks of avoiding moving his stuff out of our home. I've done everything in the last three weeks in my actions and thoughts reminding myself of what I want and it's always been him and always will be.

In the meantime it's just hard and I was wondering if someone had any advice to keep me going on the right track?

Thank you sincerely,

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