Resurrecting Goddy

Hello all,Like many from the "old" Secret forum, I had the pleasure to learn from the great Goddy Davis. The sad part is that the old forum is now gone and all the information is now inaccessible.I'm starting this thread to see if anyone may have previous links to his works, his techniques (RS, subthought, etc) and his guidance. I know I have printed some of his teachings and need to find them msyelf, but if anyone has some of his works, please post it here for all to benefit.He truly had great insight and encouraged many to push themselves past the basic teachings.Cheers,-N

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  • I had already started a thread i dont know when...about goddy and his info...right now i am travelling aroudn with my laptop, and i hav eno info here, but i still have got something back home on my pc. Still, i would love one day for him to APPEAR HERE AGAIN!! so altogether, goddy, WHERE R U ? lol

  • If you type his name into Facebook, there is one search result. Don't know if it is actually him, but it *is* a pretty unique name :)

  • *bump*
  • Too funny! I was *just* thinking of him last night...
  • I've never heard of Goddy Davis. I would love to find out more. Is he still alive?
    • Oh I'm sure he is. ;) He just became very busy doing meditations lasting 6-8 hrs a day and couldn't frequent the forum, so when the old forum migrated, he didn't.
    • So glad you took my suggestion Nightfall and I'm sure that you'll get the info you need.

      Is there anyone on this "new" forum that tried Goody's techniques with success? As Nightfall would appreciate your input.


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