Simplifying the LOA

So I read The Secret about 2 years ago, and read The Power right when it came out. They are both awesome books and I love reading them because they truly inspire me.

However, there's just so much information in them, that I feel like I'm focusing more on trying to manifest the "right" way, rather than focusing on what I really want to manifest. I get the main idea of the LOA, yet I am very confused with trying to be grateful, and keeping a positive mindset, feeling good, all while thinking and feeling and visualizing what I want, while also not worrying or doubting it. It's alot to remember, and I just feel very overwhelmed with trying to attract things, although I know that it shouldn't be a stressful, overwhelming process.

So, with that being said,

What are the basic, "bare essential" things to keep in mind to attract? (The creation process, giving love, etc.) Can someone just give me a concentrated, "crash course" in attracting things, a straight-up easy way to do it?



Kay :)


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  • Thank you so much :)

    How exactly do I go about "Releasing resistance"?

    • What works for me is to write things down and be grateful for what i have
  • Hi Kay, 

    I can hear your struggle Kay and i believe most of us if not all of us here in the forum knows where you are now.


    Since we are all different people, we have different perspectives and different way of approaching this subject. And i'd like to share how i manifest things i desire faster into their physical manifestation. I only have one phrase for this, and many will agree with me in this. This is called...




    I came to a point where releasing resistance has become a daily if not in almost every conscious thought for me. It might be funny thought for you, but i also release good feelings, because as you already said, it also ends up in resistance in which i doubt and worry how can this thing happen.  


    There are lots of ways in releasing resistance, others use meditation, others do appreciation. And there are tools too like Brain Sync by Kelly Howell (I recommend this), NAPS, etc. I personally use Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin who also one of the teachers in "The Secret".


    Sedona Method for me has the shortest and easiest way in releasing resistance therefore attracting what you want in life.


    I hope this helps.


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