So Happy with my results so far.. :)

Funny story yesterday my son had to get a haircut and buy basketball shoes for his first freshman game today. I imagined him happy with his haircut, which he normally never is lol... I imagined him telling me he liked it and I felt happy that he told me and I gave thanks also I imagined him picking out a pair of shoes he liked and they would be at a good price and I gave thanks for finding the perfect pair.. ok so we are at the barber and they guy that's supposed to cut my sons hair is on the cell phone, he asks my son what kind of haircut he wants, my son says an undercut hes like what is that? the lady next to his stations says its like the one in the photo up on the wall, all the kids are getting this cut. He asks my son a few more questions and he looks puzzled so he asks the lady to trade client.. oh the other client is my fiance. So long story short my sons hair came out great, he loves it, my fiance hates his hair his barber talked on his cell phone the whole time... Here's another crazy thing... the barber that didnt want to cut my sons hair had the haircut it was basically almost exactly the same! We leave to the mall to look for shoes... every store didn't have his size or the color he wanted, I almost gave up hope!! last store we look there is the perfect pair in the color he wants... but wait the price was 150-160 I try to get a discount since they are the last pair in his size on display, the manager said no because it was the last pair on sale..I'm like on sale? at 150.. oh well, so they through in a cleaner and guard for the shoes for $10.. we are then hesitant on the price but ok we found them and the game is tomorrow. The manager rings up the shoes and sprays ..$120 total!!!... My eyes got wide!! I'm like Hell yeah!! Thank you Universe!! So many weird little things have gone my way just by imagining that they already happened and feeling gratitude.

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  • Excellent story. I love it

  • Thank you :)  .... I'm really happy to get a response. I know we all have big things we want but these little things make such a difference in our everyday life and overall make you feel content. It's amazing I'm super happy that my cousin sent me the book.

  • That's fantastic!  It just goes to show you are doing everything right.  Keep it going and I send love and gratitude to you for sharing your story and possibly inspiring anyone. :D

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