• This manifestation began before I knew anything about LOA, but it very interesting. I was previously in a marriage where pretended to be happy, but I really wasn't. One time, when my husband and I were visiting Toronto, we were having lunch  in a cute little coffee shop and I saw a guy there working away on his laptop. He had a goatee, spiky hair,  and thick black rimmed glasses. I imagined that he was a musician who played guitar and was the intelligent techie type of person who liked alternative music that I probably had never heard of. I  remember wondering to myself what it would be like to be with someone like that. i was thinking that is exactly the type of person I would have wanted to be with if I didnt meet my husband when I was so young (19).  Of course I felt guilty about having my little fantasy and I did the very best I could to make my marriage work.

    Fast forward about 5 years to 2 months after my marriage ended. I met a guy who has spiky hair and a goatee, thick black glasses. He is not a musician, but is an extremely talented artist. He listens to bands that I have never heard of and it a big techie. The only difference is that he is a red head.  We were dating for a few months when I remembered that image I had of being with someone just like him. I could not believe it!

    After meeting him, I got my foot in the door to the job that I want, was able to move to the city that I have always wanted to live in, and my day to day life mostly calm and peaceful.

    I guess that sometimes we need to be able to let go of unhealthy things in life that are holding us back so that we can allow the LOA to  work in our lives.

  • I am terrible at math..I was not even at college level math and was still not passing..using LOA and seeing myself graduate with my associates in arts helped me be able to pass my classes. I visualized myself with an A in the math classes and I felt succesful already like I was going to pass the classes for sure, I felt confident. I passed the first class with a C...almost a B...and then the last two math classes I needed I passed with high B's almost A' although I did not exactly get the A..I did end up graduating with my associates the month I wanted to and with passing grades. I think I needed more practice maybe with LOA to receive the A..but hey I passed and graduated =)

  • That's really cool. I have a lot of "coincidental" things in my life that can only be attributed to the Law of Attraction. Otherwise, it couldn't have happened any other way.

    I was looking through some fitness programs as I was getting tired of the same old - same old. I was looking for some techniques I can use to draft my own program, as I don't want to just lose weight, I'm into "body sculpting". I usually go to the gym in the morning, before work, but on this specific day, I was so tired, I couldn't drag myself out of bed. So I packed a gym bag and decided to go at night.

    That day, I ended up working really late. I was super tired and by the time I got off the train, it was 11:30 pm. I began to talk myself out of going to the gym, but the "better" side of me motivated me enough to go. Once I was in the gym, two guys were talking about lifting techniques. It turns out one of the the guys has fitness videos on You Tube and hoped to get his own show. He is not normally in my area, but was there for a special event. My gym is a chain and members can work out anywhere in the country. He gave me some cool advice and told me where I can find his videos.

    • That sounds pretty interesting, I'm so unfit I find it hard to walk up stairs :P Where can I find his videos?

    • Here is an interview with Shaun T

      These are informercials for his DVD's. There were some workout videos on You Tube, but it seems they were pulled. Perhaps people posted without permission.

      If you want to see of Shaun T's work out videos Google or put into the You Tube, put into the search "Hip Hop Abs Shaun T". Be sure to put in Shaun T, because there's a lot of videos on You Tube labeled "hip hop abs".

      If you are finding the workout to be too strenuous, you can slow down and or do a modified movement, until it becomes easier for you. That's what I did when I first started working out to videos.

  • That's awesome, Mo!

  • I'm working on a few things at the moment, in the mean time though I get loads of amusing little manifestations courtesy of the universe I'll tell you of a few of my favourites:

    I was watching a concert on the TV featuring Green Day and Elvis Costello, when they both started to sing that song everyone knows "Wake Me Up When September Ends" and got a little emotional. For those who don't know the song (as I understand it) is about the whole september 11th and the resulting and those two kids in the music video. I turn off the tv and go about my day forgetting about the concert.

    Later I find myself in the shops I bought some bacon, sausages and pudding (don't know what thats called outside of UK/Ireland) I go to the check out counter and pay for everything. The price to my surprise was 9.11

    This one's shorter, I was on an outing with my college in to the capital, that morning one of my classmates started talking my ear off about Twilight, once the conversation was over I forgot about it and got round to the matter at hand, the trip to a museum it was.

    Later the tour is over we are allowed to go about our own business, I went in to a charity shop and in the books section there was a copy of Twilight. By now I'm used to this kind of thing so I said my thanks and moved on to another charity shop. In the book section my eyes happen to fall on another copy of Twilight.

    This kind of thing happens to me all the time, these are my two favourites and it reinforces my faith and motivation.

  • Wow
    It's amazing!
  • Hi all
    Ok, I love this story so I will share it again. Mind you this story took place before I was even aware of the LOA.
    It all happened a few years ago, when I said to my husband that I was ready to find a house to buy, a fixer upper, instead of a farm we had been looking for.
    He agreed, so we started to look around and I became clearer and clearer on what it really was that i was looking for.
    Every time I saw something that attracted me, I would make a mental picture of that, rustic look, space around, the house for my gardes, etc.
    Than I started to put numbers on my picture, 1000 sqm, and xxx $. We looked for a few weeks and then a neigbour called, "The clerk at the local market has told me, that you are looking for a house", he said.
    "Yes", I said, "where is it, how big of a property how much $" ? It blew my mind it was exactly what I had invisioned not one $ more nor less, not one sqm more nor less. WOW, that was amazing, we bought the house that turned out to have an extra bonus, an awesome view over the valley with its ever changing clouds and colors. AWESOME.
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